Anupamaa Written Update, Feb 29: Pakhi forces herself on Titu, gives him an ultimatum; here's what went wrong

In today's (February 29) episode of Anupamaa, Pakhi warns Titu and asks him to get married to her. Titu sends her recording to Adhik.

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Anupamaa Written Update, Feb 29
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Anupamaa Written Update, Feb 29: Toshu cites how he will do everything to make him proud. Anuj tells him to make Anupama proud. Spice and Chutney express their joy in putting their stall at Anuj's carnival festival. 

Aadhya informs Anuj about Shruti's parents coming:

Anuj returns home and recalls how Yashdeep is getting close to Anupama. Aadhya jumps with joy as she informs Anuj that Shruti's parents are coming to meet them to decide their wedding date and everything. Aadhya expresses her excitement, hugs Anuj, and walks away for her classes.

As Anuj is about to stop her, Aadhya leaves. Shruti informs Anuj that she has no idea about her parents coming as Aadhya receives their call. Aadhya apologizes to Anuj, saying that she didn't know her parents were coming over.

Anuj agrees with Shruti and tells her that it is okay. Shruti tells Anuj that she will inform her parents about their breakup sometime when they come. Shruti continues explaining that she will tell her parents but is worried about informing her parents. Anuj asks Shruti to calm down and not think much. 

Pakhi warns Titu:

Titu refuses to take Pakhi to his room. However, she forcefully enters and tells him she will talk to him and then go. Titu refuses, saying that the place is wrong as he is in a hotel and it is night. Pakhi closes the door and tells him she wants to discuss their relationship. She informs Titu that she told her family about her wish to marry him because she loves him.


Titu loses his calm and tells her that he loves Dimpy. He asks Pakhi to leave, tells her he doesn't love her and never gives any hints. Pakhi tries getting close to Titu. Titu asks her to maintain distance and explains that he only loves Dimpy for the last five years, and there is no comparison between them. Pakhi gets angry and refuses to go.

She forcefully hugs Titu and denies leaving him. Pakhi promises Titu that she will become a good wife to him and even give her daughter Ishaani away to Adhik. Titu gets more angry as she gets selfish and doesn't care about her daughter. Titu slams Pakhi for being selfish and doing melodrama. 

Titu compares Pakhi to Dimpy and mentions how she is not selfish like her. Titu tells Pakhi that he will never marry her. He tells Pakhi to leave. Before leaving, Pakhi warns him, saying that he will have to get married to her; otherwise, he will not let him marry anyone else. Pakhi leaves. Titu messages to someone. 

Titu then calls Adhik and informs him that he has recorded Pakhi's conversation and sent it to him. Adhik explains to Titu that he did the right thing by recording Pakhi's voice, as she can blame him for anything. Titu asks Adhik if he feels bad that Pakhi said this. Adhik thanks Titu for sending the record and mentions that it will help him in his case. 

Titu mentions how he wants Ishaani to stay with Adhik. Adhik tells Titu that he wants his sister Dimpy to get married to him as he knows he loves Dimpy. Titu thanks Adhik for his support. Adhik promises to be there for him and Dimpy. 

Anupama prepares for the festival:

Anupama, Yashdeep, and Spice and Chutney staff start planning for their carnival stall. Yahsdeep tells Anupama that if there is even a minor problem, then they can back out from Anuj's offer. However, Anupama refuses, saying she is doing this for herself as she wants to face her problems. She tells Yashdeep she is in America to fulfill her dreams and will do it at any cost despite any issues. 

Anuj informs Shruti that spice and chutney are also participating in the carnival. Shruti praises Anupama's cooking skills. Shruti tells Anuj not to give any explanation as she understands. Anuj recalls again how Yashdeep is protective of Anupama. He worries about how he is unable to move on and how he is hurting Shruti, Aadhya, and Anupama. 


Anupama and Yashdeep leave together from the restaurant. He insists on dropping her home, but she refuses. Yashdeep again asked Anupama if she was okay with participating in the event. Anupama assures him that she is okay. She tells him not to worry about the event. Anupama leaves for her home. The episode ends.

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