Bigg Boss 16, Day 36: Salman Khan exposes Gautam Singh Vig in front of Soundarya Sharma

In Day 36 episode of Bigg Boss 16, contestants lose 25 lakh from the final prize money during the eviction task.

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Salman Khan exposes Gautam Singh Vig in front of Soundarya Sharma
Salman Khan exposes Gautam Singh Vig in front of Soundarya Sharma

Day 36 of Bigg Boss16 - the 'Shanivaar Ka Vaar’ is not only packed with unlimited drama and entertainment, but also with anxiety and nervousness as the three nominated contestants gear themselves up for the most dreadful moment in the ‘Bigg Boss’ house. The episode began with superstar host Salman Khan stating the names of the nominated contestants - Sumbul Touqeer, Archana Gautam, and Soundarya Sharma. Salman clarifies that though the voting lines were closed, the eviction is still going to happen but with a twist. Salman questions who is the popular comedy 'Jodi' of the show. The contestants then take Sajid Khan and Abdu Rozik's names. 

The host questions Sajid -Where he thinks he has gone wrong? Sajid then explains that he is wrong in many places, and he doesn't recognize somebody's real qualities easily. Salman then questions why he hasn't shown his real intelligent personality in the house. He then tells that someone from the inmates said that - Sajid doesn't take a stand, and if he takes a stand, he changes quickly. The host further question- what will he call that other person who said this statement about him? Sajid tells 'Dal badlu' and 'confused'.  

Contestants share their opinions on Sajid Khan:

Salman Khan continues and asks everyone who has what problems with Sajid. When asked, Gautam Singh Vig pointed out Sajid's lack of participation in every task. Soundarya Sharma commented on Sajid's lack of involvement. Archana Gautam said that Sajid is biased. Priyanka Chahar Choudhary said that he's not concentrating on his own game. Ankit Gupta said that he is not involved in fights, and always tries to sort out the argument without knowing the correct side. Shiv Thakare said that Sajid talks about going out of the house. Sajid is also very apologetic about everything and to everyone and often keeps saying sorry to a person after every fight. 

Gori Nagori says that Sajid thinks a lot about us and helps us but doesn't think about himself. Salman questions Gori -is she confident about what she's saying? Gori says yes. Salman continues and tells her that you don't think this at all. MC Stan says that now he's in the game, so he must do something, and he doesn't think that Sajid will be able to do physical tasks, but he should be involved in the house. Abdu Rozik says that he has no complaints against Sajid. Shalin Bhanot says that Sajid is intelligent, but he's playing with his comedy part and not exploring himself, due to which many people might be taking advantage of him or taking him for a ride. 

Sumbul Touqeer says that Sajid is not involved in tasks and he must listen to both sides in every fight. Tina Datta says that Sajid has no point of view, also he never takes a stand during any fight. Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia says that Sajid should play the game, and it is fine that he gets aggressive about some things but after every fight, he pacifies himself.


Salman Khan gives Sajid Khan a reality check:

Salman questions Sajid why he keeps switching his anger after every fight. Sajid says that he has anger issues, but he controls himself. Salman questions the contestants why don't the other contestants consider Sajid as a contestant. When everyone will start considering him as a contestant, he will himself become a contestant.  Pointing out Sajid's pattern, Salman refers to the house's ration, the host says that Sajid doesn't get affected when the fight is about others, but when it happens to him, he gets angry and expects every contestant to understand his situation. 

Salman throws questions on Sajid and asks- Why doesn't he reacts to the situation? Why is he taking everything lightly? Why is he not giving his best? He tells Sajid to learn from Abdu regarding how to react. Salman tells Sajid that he looks like a 'hypocrite' to the audience, and people think he has double standards. He points out the nomination task incident and says that if he is angry with Gautam Singh Vig, he should target him and not his girlfriend Soundarya Sharma. Salman tells Sajid that people are against him, and he is giving them reasons. The superstar host ends the conversation with Sajid by saying that he hopes to see Sajid's real side.

Salman Khan grills Gori Nagori:

Salman questions MC Stan and Gori and asks them why they think that Sajid is taking their limelight. Both tell that Sajid and Shiv don't let them raise their points. Salman starts grilling  Gori for her inexplicable arrogance on the show, declaring her as the mastermind in the house. The host highlights her contemptuous behaviour towards her fellow contestants and reveals that if someone is dominating anyone in the house that person is Gori. He further unveils her strategy of making friends in the house for her own benefit including using Stan as a pawn in her plan. He also addresses her behaviour of revolting against each captain and alarms her to change her game trajectory if she wishes to reach the finale. 

‘Double XL’ cast makes an appearance on the show:

After a grueling schooling session by Salman, it is time for an outpour of entertainment with many fun moments during the ‘Vaar’. Double Xl cast Mahat Raghavendra, Sonakshi Sinha, Huma Qureshi, and Zaheer Iqbal grace the show and interact with the contestants along with Salman. The cast plays a game involving the housemates where all the contestants must deliver a given dialogue wearing dentures. Laughter fills the room, especially when Sonakshi asks Archana Gautam to deliver her popular dialogue ‘morr bana dungi’ while wearing the denture.


In this game, Tina tells Archana that she should stop acting as the queen of the house'. Nimrit tells Gori that instead of hiding she should play her game confidently and control her body language. Gautam tells Shiv that he should let others play their own game, and stop acting as their guru. Soundarya tells Nimrit that she should think and play. Soundarya tells MC Stan that he is strong and must play his own game confidently. Double Xl cast exits.

In a shift of gears, the fun fades, and you can feel the tension loom over the house. Before the evicted contestant is revealed, the host gives the three nominated contestants - Sumbul Touqeer Khan, Archana Gautam, and Soundarya Sharma - an eye-opening insight into who are their friends and who aren’t! 

Salman exposes Gautam in front of Soundarya:

Salman enters the Bigg Boss house and interacts with the nominated contestants. Salman questions Soundarya Sharma whether Gautam proved his love to her. Salman shows Soundarya an eye-opening insight about Gautam. Soundarya is in for the shock of her life when she learns that her beau Gautam indulges in making fun of her, behind her back, along with Nimrit and Shalin. Soundarya looks shocked after the host shows her footage of Gautam silently listening as Shalin and Nimrit insult her.

Salman shows Archana audience's honest reviews and tells her that she is depending on the contestants to get footage. Salman tells Sumbul that she is not visible in the house.


As the voting lines were closed, Salman tells that the eviction will be done by the housemates. The three nominated contestants select one housemate whom they trust, and they are supposed to stand in front of the buzzer. Archana selects Priyanka, Soundarya selects Gautam, and Sumbul selects Sajid. If more than two buzzers are pressed, then there will be no eviction this week. One condition behind this was that 25 lakh will be deducted from the final price money of the winner. Surprisingly, all pressed the buzzer, and there was no eviction.


Heartbroken and upset, Soundarya gets a chance to confront Gautam about how he never stood up for her and that if he loved her, he could have taken a stand for her. Soundarya gets very upset and questions Gautam's silence on the matter. 

Archana and Shiv involve in a fight referring to the eviction buzzer. Ankit interrupts and starts fighting with Shiv. Tina and Nimrit discuss Soundarya and Gautam. Later, Archana tells Sumbul that she shouldn't have revealed the conversation. The episode ends with Tina supporting Sumbul in her argument with Archana. 

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