Bigg Boss OTT 3, June 25: Sai Ketan Rao slams Vishal Pandey and Lovekesh Kataria in intense verbal spat; calls Vishal ‘Kutte ki pooch’

Bigg Boss OTT 3 drama unfolded as Vishal Pandey and Luvkesh Kataria clashed with Sai Ketan Rao, leading to a heated argument.

Published on Jun 26, 2024  |  01:13 AM IST |  57.6K
Image: Jio Cinema
Image: Jio Cinema

Just days into Bigg Boss OTT 3, contestants are already engaged in heated arguments, candid confessions, shocking revelations, and much more. Hosted by Anil Kapoor, the season premiered on June 21 and the show is giving us what it promised, a lot of drama. 

Today on June 25, Vishal Pandey and Lovekesh Kataria engaged in a heated argument with Sai Ketan Rao during a task given by Bigg Boss. 

Vishal Pandey and Lovekesh Kataria engage in heated argument with Sai Ketan Rao 

In today’s episode of Bigg Boss OTT 3, after finishing their daily ration, the housemates had only Moringa water for lunch. They requested Bigg Boss for more food so they wouldn't be left hungry. Bigg Boss instructed Sana Makbul to gather everyone's leftover food and store it. 

The conflict began during a task where contestants were asked to vote for the most and least deserving housemates. Sai Ketan Rao sparked controversy by naming Lovekesh Kataria as the least deserving, criticizing him for not contributing and focusing more on humor and attitude rather than understanding others.

Sai said, “Mera vote jata hai Lovekesh ko kyuki uska koi contribution nahi hai, uska bas mazak udana hai, khudki baddapan karna hai, attitude dikhana hai or saamne wale ke baare mein kuch nahi samjhna hai. (I vote for Lovekesh because he doesn't contribute anything; he only jokes around, tries to act cool, shows attitude, and doesn't understand anything about others).”


Eventually, Sana Sultan got the tag of the least deserving contestant as all the contestants voted and most of them took her name. 

Sai Ketan Rao again took Lovkesh’s name as the least deserving contestant. He again shared the reason behind taking Lovkesh’s name. Lovekesh interrupted him, and then Sai said, Mai bol raha hu na. Jab tumhara chance aayega tab bolna. (I'm speaking when your turn comes, then you speak).” Lovekesh Kataria said, “Mai toh charcha kar raha hu na. (I am just discussing).” 

Tensions rose when they both got involved in a heated argument. The Imlie actor said, “Mai apna mudda bol raha hu na. Sun lo na jab tum bol rahe the mai chup tha na. (I'm stating my point, right? Listen, when you were speaking, I was quiet, right?).” Lovekesh said, “Jaldi bol phir. (Hurry up then).” 

Sai Ketan Rao said, “Yahi teri problem hai attitude dikha raha hai. Tere jaise 100 dekhe chal nikal. (This is your problem, showing attitude. I've seen a hundred like you, so just walk away).” Lovekesh said, “Ek mukke mein ger dunga. (I'll knock you out with one punch).”


Sai Ketan Rao slams Vishal Pandey as 'Kutte ki Pooch'

Vishal Pandey tried to calm the situation but the argument didn’t stop. Sai said, “Tu ruk na. (Wait a moment).” Vishal got offended and said, “Aise tome mein mujhse kabhi baat kariyo zindagi mein. (Don’t dare to speak with me like that ever again in your life).” 

Sai responded, “Tera koi mudda hi nahi hai ghar mein. Tu kutte ki pooch ban gaya hai. Mai uske khilaaf bol raha hu toh teri problem kya hai. (You don't have any issue in the house. You've become like a dog's tail. What's your problem if I speak against him?).”

Vishal further said, “Bachkand buddhi hai, mai isko chup betha diya na toh kyu pak pak bol raha hai. Mai bol raha hu task complete karne do. (He has a childish mentality. If I've silenced him, why is he still blabbering? I'm saying let me complete the task).”


It was indeed an eventful episode of Bigg Boss OTT 3 loaded with lots of drama!

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