Splitsvilla 10 fame Anmol Chaudhary opens up about battling drug addiction, becoming a mother out of wedlock

Splitsvilla 10 fame Anmol Chaudhary recently opened up on her journey from being on drugs to embracing motherhood and raising her son Jayce single handedly.

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 Anmol Chaudhary
Splitsvilla 10 fame Anmol Chaudhary opens up about battling drug addiction, becoming a mother out of wedlock
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Trigger Warning: This article contains references to alcohol and drug addiction

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Anmol Chaudhary, who gained fame from her appearance on Splitsvilla 10, is now making headlines for her recent revelation about her personal life. She recently opened up about her journey as a single mother and raising her son on her own without being married. Anmol has been a single mother ever since she found out she was pregnant. She was processing her breakup and was on drugs when she found out being pregnant. In a recent podcast with a popular channel, Anmol shared her experiences, attempting to co-parent with her ex-boyfriend, her life as a single mom, and more.

Anmol talks about discovering her pregnancy:

During a conversation with the portal, Anmol Chaudhary shared her personal story. In December 2019, she was going through a difficult breakup and turned to drugs as a way to cope and forget about her troubles. She had been living in Mumbai but moved to Delhi in an attempt to cope with her relationship. Anmol had left home at the age of 14 and had witnessed many challenging situations, but she always held onto the belief in living for love. However, during that time, she reached a point where she questioned the purpose of her life. She even wrote a suicide note and experienced constant bouts of crying.

Desperate for help, she searched online for ways to not die. It was at this low point that she found solace in a counselor who became like an angel to her. This counselor motivated her to keep going and stay alive. Just as she was starting to rebuild her life, she realized that she had missed her periods. Despite her friends suggesting it was due to stress, her intuition told her otherwise.


Anmol reveals why she decided to keep her baby:

During her revelation, Anmol, who was a part of Sunny Leone and Ranvijay Sinha's show Spiltsvilla 10, shared that she had heard the baby's heartbeat during an ultrasound. Despite her initial doubts and considering the option of abortion, she experienced a significant moment that changed her perspective. She recalled an unknown call where she heard a baby crying, which served as a powerful sign from the universe. She said, "That moment, I was reborn again. I support abortion. I was actually thinking about it. But I heard the heartbeat and maternal instincts hit me. I know myself and I chose to keep my baby because I was fed up of living all by myself and had a lot of love in me. I was dying to give it to somebody. That is why I decided to keep the baby."

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Anmol reveals how her ex-partner wanted her to lose the baby:

The Splitsvilla 10 fame said, "When I had changed my mind, he thought I was kidding. Then he started torturing me and did whatever he could to make me feel like losing the baby. I told him, ‘My belly, my baby, you are a nobody. You were just a sperm donor so forget about it. I don’t need anything from you.’" In the same interview, Anmol revealed that she raised the money through crowdfunding to raise her son.

Disclaimer: If you know someone who is struggling with alcohol or substance abuse, please reach out to the authorities and report it. There are several helplines available for the same. National Toll Free Helpline (1800-11-0031) to assist the alcoholic and drug dependent persons.

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