Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update, June 20: Armaan gets arrested, Abhira strives to secure his bail

In the latest episode, Madhav arrests Armaan for troubling Abhira; however, Abhira strives to get him bailed out.

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(PC: Star Plus Instagram)
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update, June 20 (PC: Star Plus Instagram)

The episode begins with a lady announcing that the award distribution will commence once Abhira's certificate arrives. Sanjay protests, saying they shouldn't delay the event for just one girl. Just then, the lady announces that Abhira's certificate has arrived and invites her to the stage. The students notice the oversized certificate and grumble about the special treatment Abhira is receiving. 

The lady explained that the person responsible for the certificate wished to remain anonymous, but she insisted that he come forward to present it to Abhira. She introduces Armaan Poddar, who steps onto the stage, causing Sanjay to leave and make a video call to Dadi, showing her Armaan's presence. 

Armaan hands the certificate to Abhira, commending her hard work and expressing regret for not supporting her earlier. He apologizes to Abhira and praises her efforts.

Armaan arrested for troubling Abhira, Dadi refuses Bail

The students make comments about the family drama unfolding. Dadi and the others watch on, while Sanjay smiles. Armaan tries to quiet everyone down, calling it a personal matter. However, Abhira questions why he brought it up in front of everyone, expressing that she was coping fine alone despite missing her mother and feeling that he ruined her special day. Armaan attempts to explain, but she refuses to listen and leaves.


Madhav arrives and arrests Armaan for causing trouble to Abhira. Vidya urges Sanjay to bail out Armaan, but Dadi intervenes, refusing to bail him out and ending the call abruptly. Vidya questions Dadi about sending Armaan to jail, to which Dadi responds that he must face the consequences of his mistake and forget about the girl. Vidya blames Abhira for their troubles, leading to a discussion about whose fault it is. Armaan tries to make a call to get himself out of the situation, but Madhav takes away his phone and argues with him.

Armaan expresses hurt, Abhira distraught over arrest

Armaan expresses the deep emotional pain caused by Dadi and Vidya, emphasizing that his love is sincere and not a trivial matter. He mentions his efforts to change and gain Abhira's trust, aiming to eventually win over Dadisa as well. Meanwhile, Madhav instructs the inspector to prepare the chargesheet, indicating a serious turn of events. 


Kajal questions Madhav about concealing Armaan and Abhira's concerns, urging him not to test their relationship and Dadi's patience. Madhav, concerned about repeating past mistakes, hesitates to reveal the truth until their bond is strong. Abhira, distraught over the day's events, questions whether Armaan will realize his errors. 

She declines Krish's calls, unaware of Armaan's arrest, causing her further worry. Sanjay and Manisha engage in a heated argument regarding Armaan's situation.

Abhira defends Armaan against jail time

Manish brings Ruhi to the scene, prompting smiles from Vidya and Dadi upon seeing her. Dadi moves to embrace Ruhi, but Manish intervenes, stating that Ruhi is there only to collect her belongings and has no intention of meeting or engaging with them. Abhira asserts that they cannot send Armaan to jail, while Armaan expresses confidence that Abhira would step in to support him.

Abhira fights for Armaan's innocence, Ruhi packs baggage

Madhav insists on not letting go of Abhira. Armaan reaffirms his love for Abhira and her love for him. Abhira pleads not to punish her son. She asserts Armaan's innocence and vows to get him released. 


Armaan offers to arrange bail money. Madhav questions how without a phone. Abhira argues against imprisoning an innocent person. Madhav orders her to leave, and she complies. Meanwhile, Ruhi prepares to leave, and Vidya apologizes, understanding Ruhi's pain and expressing regret for what happened. 

Ruhi acknowledges Vidya's support during her love with Armaan, even though things turned out differently.

Ruhi shocked as Armaan gets arrested; Abhira prays for his release

Manish mentions that the bags won't fit in one car. Ruhi responds that she has arranged for two cars and suggests he go home while she goes to work. Charu arrives, and Ruhi insists Manish to leave. 

Charu refuses, and Ruhi asserts her independence, stating that Armaan won't return to her. Charu informs her about Armaan's arrest, shocking Ruhi. Charu pleads for Armaan's release, and Ruhi rushes out. Meanwhile, Abhira is seen praying at home. The episode ends here.

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