Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update, November 17, 2023: Dadi reveals the truth about Armaan’s mother

In today's (Nov 17) episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Armaan and Dadi get into an argument over a case that Sanjay has won. During the conversation, Dadi reveals the truth about his mother.

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Armaan and Dadi get into an argument (PC: Hoststar)
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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update, November 17, 2023: The episode begins with Armaan going to Rohit’s room to get Ruhi’s number. When he goes to his room, he finds him asleep and can't find the note. He does not want to ruin Rohit’s sleep and looks at him and wonders how innocent his young brother looks while sleeping.

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Armaan decides to search for Ruhi on social media. He tries to remember her surname and searches for Ruhi Goenka on social media. While Ruhi is worried that Armaan hasn't called yet, she tells her friend that she trusts him and waits. Her friend assures her that he knows her name and can look her up on social media, but Ruhi tells her that Armaan does not know her surname. Meanwhile, Armaan looks for Ruhi's profile but doesn't find it.

In the morning, Rohit jokes about Diwali gifts and sweets that the Poddars have packed, and Dadi and Vidya convince him to go and greet the Goenkas. He tells that these boring works are done by Armaan, but Dadi tells him that he should start taking responsibility too.

Meanwhile, a drunk Yuvraj tries to meet Abhira. He tries to drag her out of her house, but Akshara comes to her rescue and slaps him. In a rage, he brings out a gun and points toward them. But it turns out to be Abhira’s dream, and as Akshara comes there, Abhira goes and hugs her. Akshara asks her not to sleep at odd hours.


Dadi and Vidya talk about Diwali decorations when Armaan joins them. He helps them, but Dadi asks him not to as boys should not do household chores that should be done by women. He tells Dadi that he needs permission for something. In response, Dadi asks him if he wants to take over a certain case. But Armaan replies that he needs Kiara’s case.

Armaan tries to convince Dadi that she is a good dancer, and if she could join the new dance institution as an instructor. She says no, and asks her to dance at home, but not outside. It’s disrespectful to their family.

Meanwhile, Sanjay arrives and gives sweets to everyone announcing his victory in the legal case. Armaan returns the sweet and tells his uncle that they must have won the legal battle, but they did not prove the truth. Their firm should have taken the case for the poor girl instead of fighting the case for money. Armaan argues with Dadi and the latter says that many girls who come from poor family take advantage of wealthy people.

As Armaan protests that how can she say this about a girl, Dadi tells him that she is only saying it, but his mother did it. Then she talks about how her mother took advantage of his dad, and that’s why he was married to Vidya who adopted Armaan as her own. Vidya asks Dadi to stop, but she says that whenever she sees Armaan, she is reminded of his mother’s victory and her own failure.

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