Bani J: I don't look delicate, so am I Not Shaadi Material?

Bani J posts a picture with a bold message on Instagram.
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Gurbani Judge aka VJ Bani doesn't shy away from voicing out her opinions. She took to Instagram and raised a valid question making us think - Is our country really getting modern? She posted a picture wherein she is seen carrying a board which has a bold message which says, "I Dont Look Delicate, So Am I #NotShaadiMaterial?" 
She wrote, "Just because I like to build my body at the gym and be strong physically, does that make me #NotShaadiMaterial? We all know it yet we don’t really talk about how much is expected of women in our country. Looking forward to chat with @prachitehlan today for StarPlus’s new show addressing just this issue and some more called Ikyawaan."
Despite being known for her killer abs, Bani was shamed by many for her muscular physique. She even posted a picture on Instagram and gave a befitting reply to all such leaches of body shaming. In her blog, she wrote, "I have drool-worthy abs and a muscular body by choice, and that has put me at the receiving end of so much body shaming, it’s unbelievable. India puts too much emphasis on a certain kind of a body. For a woman, thin is supposed to be good, and if there’s any deviation — too thin, too fat, or muscular (manly, they call it!) – she hears no end of it."
She also added, "I always fight for what’s right; I don’t take anything lying down. And I wanted to be a strong person, both mentally and physically. So I didn’t let others tell me otherwise. So what if I’m a woman and I have muscles? My plan was to unlock my strength — physical and mental and I am sticking to it. I love to work out. I am passionate about it. It gives me happiness, makes me feel secure and has netted me a body like no woman I know." 
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I find her a real wannabe.

She’s a good for nothing blabber mouth

dont try so hard to look like a man then.

No I don’t find you marriage material. Not because of how you look but because of your state of mind and yes who wants to be with a dude

Gimme a break...there were tons of women who tweeted with this hashtag! And then men joined in too...and many had interesting things to say. Why just pick her tweet? Lazy post. At least report a bit factually.

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