Cannes 2019: Hina Khan's red carpet debut at the French Riviera is every bit stunning and elegant; view PICS

Hina Khan has made her red carpet debut at Cannes Film Festival 2019 and well, she does look mesmerizing indeed. Check out the pictures right here.
Hina Khan,photos,LinesCannes 2019: Hina Khan's red carpet debut at the French Riviera is every bit stunning and elegant; view PICS
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Hina Khan has been all over the news ever since the first report about the actress making her debut at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival 2019 came out. Since the past few days, the Kasautii Zindagii Kay actress has been sharing pictures from the trip with beau Rocky Jaiswal and all the prep that has been going into her appearance at the festival. The actress has been pretty excited about the debut and well, she is finally here!

Hina made our jaws drop because that is how perfect she looks at her debut. She made the red carpet debut during the screening of Bacurau, and we think all the wait has been worth it. With the bling on her outfit, we think she is shining just as bright as a diamond in that dress. A perfect poser that she is, we love how she has done her hair, leaving a few strands of those curls free, and of course, we can't miss out on that trail and the sleeves. 

Check out the pictures right here:









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We are completely smitten by the actress' debut at the red carpet, and we can't wait to see more of her looks. And of course, we are looking forward to the outfits that will be donned by all others from Bollywood at the Cannes Film Festival 2019.

Think she can give competition to out B-town divas at the red carpet? Drop in your comments below.


Malaika sherawar in making...she reminds me of her. Sooo desperate. So many posts of her on PV

Not sure what she’s there for but she looks good. She did amazing for her first appearance at Cannes.


May I know whats her credential to attend Cans? Why they invited her?

That you need credentials to attend or invited to Cannes is false. You have to be someone but not necessarily super successful.

She looks stunning

She is there as her movie lines is being debuted at Cannes. She looks amazing and elegant here

Her lips... what happen. Why is she at Cannes ??? Kangna, Deepika, the beautiful Aishwayria ... Hina khan ??? WTF Did Bollywood runout of superstars that there sending D grade actors

Jealous people doesn't even look at her hardwork dedication and beauty....Hina ur breathtaking my superstar



She looks awesome

Why is her face so white?


Many tellywood stars have better acting skills than bollywood stars. So please dont put her down. Congrats Hina.

She is looking stunning

Too much cakey makeup

The worst contestant ever in the history of bigg boss

Lets just be less toxic and appreciate someone..i am not her fan especially after watching her big boss, but she is looking good here! She works hard on herself and people asking about her credentials..she has her movie lined for release

Hina hina i love u so much you are a style icon great job looking stunning all the best for new juorney ✌


i think her dress is absolutely gorgeous, deepika and aishwarya can take some tips from her , considering the hideous gowns they wore last time. especially deepika, the shocking pink gown with ruffles still gives me shudders when i think about it.

Although a big fan of her, but She is looking stunning, and Graces full. Good Luck & God Bless :-)

She looks fabulous! Unfortunately, no one probably knew who she was there!

She looks fabulous for a first timer!!! Lovely outfit and great makeup and hair!!!

her face is weird.

From playing the demure Akshara to this, Hina has come a long way! Cheers to her!



Now who is this? Face looks caked. Looks nice but nothing exceptional

She has Changed and Not in a Positive way... Someone MUST tell her before its too late.

Don't let her get Ruined. She deserves better.

That fatso Jitesh Pillai made a very snarky remark on her appearance. She is looking way better than his pet Nepoalia.

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