EXCLUSIVE: Yuvika Chaudhary on her Valentines Day plan: Prince will cook for me

Prince Narula and Yuvika Chaudhary are now engaged and their mushy affair is too cute to handle. We got in touch with Yuvika to know their Valentines Day plan as now they have made their relationship official.
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Prince Narula and Yuvika Chaudhary, the popular television couple, recently took to Instagram to announce their engagement. And since then, the two have been sharing adorable pictures of the two on Instagram. Tomorrow is the day of love - Valentines Day. We asked Yuvika about her plans for the day. Talking to us through text messages, she told us, "Prince is planning to cook for me this Valentines Day." 
She also shared a picture of the two with us. In the picture, the two can't take eyes off each other. Well, love is in the air! It will be interesting to see what they post on the social media on the special day. 
Check out the picture here: 
Earlier, when we got in touch with Yuvika, she spoke to us about their love story. We asked her that she has always said that they are close friends, but what was that one thing that changed her mind. To this, she told us, "First of all, when we came out of the house, we were friends. And in the house, Prince had some hope but when I didn't respond, he thought that I have some issues with him and I will never say yes. He was sure from the day one and I, like any other girl, was taking time. I was never in that frame of mind - the first date and then I will see. I was scared that whether I should take a step ahead or not. It was his love and faith that changed me. I am a very practical person, he is someone who thinks from his heart - whatever he says he does that."
Honestly, I would have said no if his family wasn't that keen. Initially, my family wasn't that sure thinking he is a Splitsvilla guy. When I started meeting him, both my family and I realized that he is a nice guy and that's what matters and he really really loves me a lot which was enough for my family," added Yuvika. 
"He is all about me and I was also not going seeing someone else. I wasn't sure but was not looking for options. I never thought that way. If he is there, it will stay forever and if he is doing time-pass, it will end soon. At times, he used to get frustrated and used to say that, 'You love me and you aren't sure about me'. I wanted to see whether he can be in my worst when I am angry or not that beautiful and I wanted to do the same if I can be with him at his worst. Post that, I wanted to take a step and now I know Prince in and out. The time has shown that we can stay constant," Yuvika said. 
Aren't the two just adorable?

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