Jennifer Winget looks RED HOT as she has her own Cannes 2018 moment

As the Cannes 2018 fever is in the air, Jennifer Winget had her own "Cannes" moment but with a twist. Jennifer took to Instagram to share a stunning photo of herself looking gorgeous in a red gown.
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Jennifer Winget is amongst the leading ladies of Television who never fails to mesmerise us with her charming beauty. The actor is currently winning hearts along with Harshad Chopra as their chemistry is at the forefront of their show, Bepannaah. 
Jennifer's Instagram page is a true testament to how stunning the actor is and every time she puts up a picture of herself on IG, fans can't get enough of her. 
Today, Jennifer took to Instagram to share another candid click of herself looking gorgeous as ever in a red flowy gown with a neatly done bun along with diamond studs. 
However, it was Jennifer's caption that had us laughing out loud as it referenced to Cannes 2018, which is being ruled by Bollywood beauties namely Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Deepika Padukone, Sonam Kapoor and Kangana Ranaut along with Pakistani actor Mahira Khan. 
Jennifer's caption reads as, "Not walking the red carpet in Cannes doesn’t stop me from having my own little Cannes moment in cann-jurmarg!"
Well, we can all agree that if Jennifer were at Cannes Film Festival, she would have stolen the show!
Meanwhile, when a leading daily asked Jennifer about her idea of love and is it always a happy feeling, Jennifer had said, "We grow up believing that love is like a fairytale that comes with all things good. What no one points out is, how hard it is to live up to love or the tests along the way, small or big. Compassion, loyalty and respect sum up love for me — it’s a mix that’s very rare to find and even harder to imbibe. Through my character Zoya, I portray love in its truest form, she knows no other way. I am sure that all those truly in love, will instantly resonate with her."


She just looks boring and a try hard. And no I am not that monkey KSG’s fan

If that's boring , I'd love to look boring then

If she could top Times Most Desirable women list on TV 2017 and be able to come in 50 Most desirable women list in India , she should definitely be given an opportunity to walk Cannes too
The most praised celeb also the highest paid TV actress

I read her interview in the front page of Bombay times. About times most desirable women list too.
Still sadly TV actreses in India are underrated and some Bollywood actreses are too overrated
Otherwise if mahira khan could grace Cannes why not jennifer ?

Her work speaks on her behalf
So well that one doesn't have to
She is brilliant artist with compelling attractiveness

Hahaha highest paid actress after 23rd years of career. too late...That also after staying in news bcoz of real life. She is flop and TRP is enough to proof that

She is in industry since 20 years not 23 as per fact
Still consistent and getting work where other actreses are just one show wonders if that's not success than I don't know what is ...
Her shows are super hit
Her awards define her

I just saw her birthday wish video
And I am in love with her even note after that .
Its got millions of views but I will definitely be one to take effort to fulfill her wish
She is so kind and wanna bring a change ,a positive change and that's so beautiful of her inside and out

Would love to see her in Cannes

Such a stunner

Jennifer is superstar of Indian television !
A name that some very one's mind today because of her roles.
Her roles are actually dream role for other actor actreses

Her role Maya is indeed a dream role

6 best actress awards,
Times most desirable woman on TV 2017,
Highest paid actress,
Above 6 million followers ,
Her show is in top10 shows as per TV trps
Her show is in top 5 shows as per online
Even her ex hubby fan can't get over her
If that's not being successful then what is

This picture of her on Instagram got more likes than some of deepika and mahira pictures from Cannes
So she totally deserve to be in Cannes seeing the popularity

If having massive entry straight in top 5 shows like bepannaah in the first week itself is flop ,
If coming in top 10 shows as per trps in flop
Then every actor wish to have a flop show

Haha she is amazing even the only hater making comment here knows it well so its not them but their jealousy talking

Nobody called her so bechari Winget ne ghar mein hi cannes kar liya. ROFL

She is amazing actress
Totally love her

As a matter of fact ,this post of her on IG got nearly 900k likes which is as equal in number likes of sonam and deepika Cannes pics
So people would definitely love to see her there

Lol. Cannes has become big joke now. Nobody like her get to go ???

Such a classy woman.

Jen you look so hot.

jenny u look so sexy

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