Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naksh sees the pre nup papers; stops wedding to clear confusion with Tara

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The Episode begins with an old man asking Dadaji and Akshara to follow the rituals. Dadaji takes Naksh along while Akshara takes Tara. They tell the bride and groom individually about the importance of marriage. Dadaji says that Tara is very innocent and tender at heart and that Naksh should forgive her small mistakes if ever.

Akshara asks Tara to handle Naksh and that now she is the daughter of Singhania house. The rituals go on. Naksh comes to the mandap. Naira gets Tara too. Many times, Naksh gets a chance to see the pre nup papers but every time something or the other stops him from reading.

Dadaji comes for kanyadaan. Bhabhimaa gets emotional on seeing Naksh getting married. The pandit asks for coconut and other items required for marriage. Preeti learns that the pre nup papers are missing from her bag. She has no clue that they are with Naksh. She freaks out.

Sangram and brothers plan to steal Naksh's shoes while Naira hides them in a safe and secure place. Just before the holy pheras, Naksh sees the pre nup papers and gets shocked. He asks everyone to stop wedding since he wants to talk to Tara in private. Everybody get shocked seeing Naksh react like this. To be continued.

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