Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naitik and Naira hug and cry on meeting each other after years

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The Episode begins with Naira ,Akshara and Varsha landing on the Udaipur airport. Naira goes to the washroom Nd asks both not to keep an eye on her. She goes inside and cries thinking that her house is in Rishikesh, her Ashram and thinks of running away.

Escaping Varsha and Akshara, Naira runs out of the washroom and bumps into Naitik. The board in his hand falls down. She sees Naitik and stops. Naitik shows her the board and she hugs him tight. Both of them cry on meeting each other after long. Akshara gets scared on seeing that Naira is not there on the bathroom.

She says that she will loose Naitik too of this time Naira runs away. Varsha asks her to calm down and they see Naitik and Naira hugging each other. Naitik gets her to the car and asks her does she still love eating the burger made by Naitik. She cries and eats it.

He says that they should credit Akshara for this happiness. Naira gets annoyed and feels that Akshara still rules the house. At the Maheshwari and Singhania house, everybody's eagerly waiting for Naira with baited breath. Naira gets angry on seeing her house and wants to go home to her Ashram. Naitik consoles her. They get out of the car and Naira just stands still crying on seeing her house. To be continued.

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