Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki March 30 Written Update: Surbhi apologises to Saumya

Harman saves Saumya's life. Surbhi apologizes to Saumya and accepts her mistake in front of everyone.
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Harman manages to save Saumya. Saumya is weak and unconscious as Harman brings her out of the water. Everybody is extremely relieved to see them emerge out of the water except Maninder and dadi. Surbhi and Harman look at Saumya in concern. Harman then lifts her up in his arms and carries her till the Singh household. He places her on a bed and wipes her head with a towel. Villagers begin to ask the Singhs why Saumya tried to commit suicide. Maninder and Dadi claim not to know the reason and send the villagers away. Harman rubs Saumya’s hand and hopes for her to show some sign on consciousness. Maninder curses Saumya and says that every time she comes to their house she creates a scene. He wishes for her to have died in her attempt to commit suicide. Harman angered by Maninder’s comments, gets up and holds him by the collar. He tells Maninder that he knows Maninder wished for Saumya’s death since her childhood. He says that if Maninder was not Saumya’s father, he would have done something to him. He tells Maninder that for Saumya, he can give up his life and take somebody’s life. Harman says that Saumya is his love, life, wife and best friend and that he can do anything for her. He then tells Maninder that if he continues with this behaviour he will forget that Maninder is Saumya’s father.

Dadi calls up Preeto and explains the entire situation to her. Preeto is upset that Surbhi did not call her to inform her of Saumya’s actions. Preeto then wishes for Saumya to have died in her attempt to commit suicide. Harman talks to an unconscious Saumya and professes his love for her. He tells her that when she wakes up he will definitely ask her why she tried to leave him.

Surbhi watches Harman talking to Saumya and cries. She walks into her room and recalls that time in her childhood when she pushed Saumya into the pond. She regrets having compelled Saumya to jump into the pond once again. She talks to Nani and tells her to scream at Nani for being Saumya’s enemy once again.

Raavi’s husband calls her up on the residence telephone and Preeto answers the call. Preeto tells him that it was the wrong number and does not give the phone to Raavi. She tells Raavi that it was her husband’s phone, and then says that she will get an appointment with the doctor in order to abort Raavi’s child. Saumya wakes up and remembers herself jumping into the pond. She looks at Harman and smiles. She puts the blanket on Harman. Harman wakes up and tells Saumya that she always in a hurry to end her life. She asks her what happened that she tried to commit suicide. She recalls her conversation with Surbhi. Just then Surbhi walks into the room and Harman tells Surbhi to explain to Saumya why she should not behave like this.

Saumya and Surbhi look at one another and Surbhi asks Saumya what she wanted to prove by jumping into the pond.  Saumya tells her that she was merely upset that Surbhi was unhappy because of her. Surbhi tells Saumya that she could have yelled at her and hit her, she would have understood. She calls the entire family into the room and tells Saumya that today she is merely going to try and be her equal. Harman asks Surbhi what was wrong. Surbhi tells everybody that it was her and her jealousy which made her say the most horrible things to Saumya which in turn made her want to jump into the pond and end her life. She apologises to Saumya in front of everybody.

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