Amma Ariyathe, August 30, 2021, Written Update; Dominic doubts Ambadi

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Dominic doubts Ambadi
Amma Ariyathe, August 30, 2021, Written Update; Dominic doubts Ambadi

Episode starts with Rajini coming to Neeraja’s house to apologise for being rude to her the other day. She is seen looking at Neeraja in a sympathetic manner after realising what she’s been through. She lets Neeraja know how she cast out Murthy from the house. As Neeraja goes to get some tea, Rajini lets Mahadevan know that Aleena told her the truth and she admires the love and support that he has shown to Neeraja. As they talk about Aleena’s story, Neeraja tells Rajini how she wished to see Aleena’s mother leaving Rajini at unease.

Rajini confronts Sachi and lets him know that she has learned the truth about them and she proclaims her support for Aleena in the fight against them. She asks him if Murthy came to see him and tell him how he tried to poison her. As she is about to leave, Rajini vows to make his life a living hell; and he will be begging for death.

Jithesh asks Aleena for forgiveness and let’s her know that he knows the truth about his father and condemns him. Aleena tells him she can make arrangements for him to join the college again but he refuses. He tells her how he has changed and realised that his mom was right all along.

Dominic tells Ambadi that Sachi might get bail soon enough as circumstantial evidence suggests that he wasn’t with Vinayan when he was murdered. After that he tries to question Ambadi’s hand in the murder and he further adds that Neeraja, Mahadevan, Aleena and him are the people who have more than enough reasons to murder Vinayan. Dominic makes it clear that even though he doesn’t want to, he might be after them if they are involved in this. The episode ends with an evil smile on Ambadi’s face.

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