Amma Ariyathe, October 11, 2021, Written Update: Vineeth happy with Aparna’s care

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Amma Ariyathe, October 11, 2021, Written Update: Vineeth happy with Aparna’s care (Image: Still from Amma Ariyathe)

As the episode starts, Aparna happily serves Vineeth his lunch. Vineeth is delighted at the care Aparna is showing him. Neeraja conveys her wish to have Vineeth come stay with them and Vineeth tells her he would have if Joe wasn’t all alone in their hostel.

Later at night, Aparna calls Vineeth; asks him to come over to her room. Neeraja catches Vineeth on his way to her room, as Vineeth is having a hard time. Vineeth meets Aparna and he asks her if she is doing all this to convince her mother and she tells him he can see it anyhow he wants but thinks will change between them. Aparna asks him if he could come to the temple with her the next morning and Vineeth agrees to her. Just as Vineeth leaves, Aparna’s smile fades and she closes the door in contempt.

Neeraja happily informs Mahadevan about how she caught Vineeth on his way to Aparna’s room. Both of them are excited about Aparna and Vineeth’s changed attitude and they hope to see their grandchild soon.

Aleena is lost in her memories with Ambadi, how he gave her a ride to the college when her car broke down. She recalls how reluctant she was back then to admit her love for him and she used to fight with him. Ambadi calls her and he asks him if she has been checking on his mother.

Aleena reminds him she is aware of her responsibility, the only thing responsibility didn’t fulfill is their marriage. Ambadi asks her if they will have the same thrill of love if they are married and Aleena asks him if he plans to stay unmarried all his life. As the episode ends, Aleena tells him she needs nothing but his love, all her life.

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