Amma Ariyathe, October 6, 2021, Written Update: Neeraja thanks Ambadi for his help

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Amma Ariyathe, October 6, 2021, Written Update: Neeraja thanks Ambadi for his help (Pic Credits: Asianet TV/ YouTube)

As the episode starts, Ambadi is shocked at the sight of Neeraja, who beat Vinayan to death. Ambadi checks on Vinayan who is lying on the ground unconscious and he finds that Vinayan is dead. He shockingly stares at Neeraja when he realizes Vinayan is dead. She says that she killed him as he was on his way to inform Neeraja’s mother. Ambadi asks Neeraja to leave the place immediately and tells her he shall take care of the situation.

Neeraja doesn’t leave, as she thinks he might surrender himself. Ambadi promises her he won’t be doing that and begs her to leave so that he can clear up the mess. Ambadi takes Vinayan’s body in his own car and travels off-road to keep off cameras.

Neeraja is seen upset, having a hard time digesting what all happened. She gets a call from Ambadi who tells her that the mess has been sorted. Neeraja tries to explain what happened and Ambadi asks her to relax and keep it a secret. Neeraja stares at the mirror in relief that she took out one of their enemies.

Aleena is shocked to learn the truth about Neeraja. Just as Ambadi finishes his story, Neeraja arrives with tea for them. Aleena hugs her in admiration for realizing what she did for her.

She thanks Ambadi for what he did, Ambadi tells her he just did what had to be done and how he too is involved in the case. Aleena recalls how strong Neeraja has been since then that she never doubted her even a bit. Ambadi tells her how Neeraja believed Vinayan’s death to be inevitable as he would have revealed the truth about Aleena to Sachi and Murthy. As the episode ends, Ambadi tells Aleena she is blessed to have a mother like Neeraja.

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