Amma Ariyathe, September 17, 2021, Written Update: Jithendran reveals his cold plans to Sachi

Published on Sep 17, 2021 05:06 PM IST  |  145.7K
Amma Ariyathe, September 17, 2021, Written Update: Jithendran reveals his cold plans to Sachi

The episode starts when Neeraja asks Mahadevan if Aleena’s mother will be there for her marriage and tells him she is waiting to meet her. Mahadevan hesitates for a moment and looks at Neeraja and tells her mother will be by her side the day she marries.

DySP Dominick meets Aleena and advises her it isn’t wise to conduct a function in a situation like this. Aleena tells how everyone has been waiting for this function for a long time. Dominick goes on with the brutalities of Jithendran and plans on arresting him soon enough. He tells her he knows it is Sachi who sent Jithendran and he isn’t arresting him because of the influence he has on higher authority.

Draupadi and Shankaran express their excitement for Sulekha’s birthday celebrations. Subhadra tells her brother that he too is invited to the birthday celebrations and he expresses his contempt and asks her to keep an eye on Vineeth.

Jithendran tells Sachi his plans to send Aparna in an ambulance as they prepare for their celebrations. Sachi expresses his excitement at Jithendran's plans and tells him they are waiting for that moment. Murthy questions Jithendran’s intentions and Jithendran gives Murthy a cold stare and tells Sachi to ask his friend to keep his doubts to himself.

Aleena and Aparna gifts Sulekha gold ornaments on her birthday and Neeraja plans on giving back the money to Aleena who paid for it. Aleena tells her she doesn’t want it and talks her out of it. Aparna asks Aleena why she looks upset and she tells her Neeraja hasn’t yet considered her like her own yet, that is the reason she talked about giving the money back. As Aleena leaves, Sulekha tells Aparna that more care should be given to Aleena to make her feel like family.

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