Amma Ariyathe, September 20, 2021, Written Update: Jithendran follows Neeraja

Published on Sep 20, 2021 06:06 PM IST  |  82.2K
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Amma Ariyathe, September 20, 2021, Written Update: Jithendran follows Neeraja

The episode starts with Jithendran boasting about what he is about to do tomorrow. Murthy asks him if he could say exactly what he plans to do. Jithendran is angered by this and asks him not to doubt him unnecessarily. He assures Sachi that he will kill Neeraja by tomorrow noon and they can see her photo with condolences on the news soon enough.

Aleena, Aparna, Subhadra along with Draupadi and Neeraja come back from the temple and wish Sulekha. Sulekha tells them about the programs arranged for her and Neeraja. Aparna expresses her concern and Subhadra asks them to be careful. Sulekha asks them not to worry as they will be surrounded by police there.

The family celebrates Sulekha’s birthday with the cake cutting ceremony. Mahadevan wishes his mother-in-law a long and happy life and Sulekha tells everyone, she just wants to live long enough to see Aleena and Arjunan’s marriage. Neeraja announces they will have their engagement once she returns from the functions this evening.

Aleena advises Aparna to be more friendly and interactive with Vineeth’s mother. Sulekha and Neeraja leave for their functions and Aleena and Aparna bid them farewell. Sulekha asks Aleena to be serious about her engagement with Arjunan. On her way, Neeraja is being followed by Jithendran.

Back at home, Vineeth and Arjunan have an arm-wrestling contest, in which Arjunan defeats Vineeth. Then, Joe challenges Arjunan for a match and after a long struggle, Arjunan manages to defeat him as well. As the episode ends, Jithendran is still seen following Neeraja’s car.

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