Amma Ariyathe, September 23, 2021, Written Update: Vineeth learns about Neeraja’s demise

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Vineeth learns about Neeraja’s demise
Amma Ariyathe, September 23, 2021, Written Update; Vineeth learns about Neeraja’s demise (Pic Credits: YouTube)

As the episode starts, Aleena notices Subhadra in the prayer room. Aleena wonders what might have made her emotional on this joyous occasion. She goes to Aparna to find out if she did something to make Subhadra upset. Aparna lets her know that she has been behaving properly with Vineeth’s mother and she must have missed chances to interact with Vineeth. Aleena thinks it is indeed her issues with Vineeth that are worrying Subhadra. She asks Aparna to dress up in the dress that Vineeth gave her, Aparna resists but Aleena reminds her it is her responsibility to make Vineeth and his mother happy.

Aleena then consoles Vineeth and asks him why he’s locked up in the room. He tells him about his mother and he cannot recall Aparna hurting his mother. He tells Aleena that everything has been going fine and he doesn’t know what made him upset.

Vineeth comes out and finds his mother in tears. He tries to find out what’s going on but Subhadra refuses to tell him, she just tells him he will know what’s wrong soon enough.

Vineeth doesn’t understand what she meant, but he knows his mother is worried and he takes this matter to Ambadi. Shankaran shockingly informs Vineeth about Neeraja’s demise. Ambadi tells Vineeth that it is their responsibility to control the other and asks him to be strong.

Subhadra and Draupadi get emotional as they recall what they just heard and Mahadevan asks them why they seem so dull. Draupadi tells him they were mourning their husbands. Mahadevan consoles them without realizing they were mourning for his wife.

Vineeth asks Ambadi if it is Sachi who did it and Ambadi vows to beat him to death once everything is settled. As the episode ends, they see a shocked Aleena looking at them.


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