Amma Ariyathe, September 29, 2021, Written Update: Neeraja finds out about Sulekha’s death

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Neeraja finds out about Sulekha’s death
Amma Ariyathe, September 29, 2021, Written Update: Neeraja finds out about Sulekha’s death

As the episode starts, Mahadevan consoles Aparna and Aleena who are unable to control their emotions. Neeraja sees them both getting emotional and asks them what’s going on. She insists on knowing what had happened and Mahadevan tells her she will know it real soon. Neeraja asks Aleena what has happened to everyone on this memorable occasion. Aleena tells herself that it is indeed a memorable day.

To everyone’s shock Ambulance arrives at the house with Sulekha’s body along with Dominick and Ambadi. The family cries their hearts out at the arrival of Sulekha and Neeraja goes to the ambulance to find out who it is. Neeraja opens the ambulance and screams.

Sachi and Murthy learn from the news that it was Sulekha who died in the explosion and they lash out at Jithendran. Jithendran wonders how Neeraja escaped death and tells them how carefully he planted a bomb in Neeraja’s car. Murthy angrily mocks Jithendran and the latter lashes out at him. Murthy tells Sachi he needs to clear his mind and he goes out for a drive.

Sachi calms down after a while and tells Jithendran he was just upset that Neeraja escaped this time as well. He appreciates Jithendran for his deed and tells him Sulekha death will hurt the family just the same. Jithendran promises to take out Sachi’s enemies one by one and Sachi thinks of killing Jithendran when he is done taking everyone out.

Ambadi confronts Murthy and he beats the hell out of him in the middle of the road. He then takes him to Dominick and he too takes his anger out on him, Murthy begs for his life. As the episode ends, Ambadi tells Murthy how he plans to beat the hell out of him every now and then instead of getting him arrested.

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