Anupamaa, 14 August 2021, Written Update: Paritosh and Kinjal live in separate house

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Anupamaa, 14 August 2021, Written Update: Paritosh and Kinjal live in separate house

This episode begins with Kinjal refusing to leave the family. She'd rather leave her husband but not her in-laws. Hearing this, everyone comes forward and advises them to stay together whether along with the family or without them. Neither Paritosh nor Kinjal is ready to put their foot down and he finally asks her to choose between love and family. 

With this Paritosh steps outside of the house and leaves, while Kinjal steps in inside with her luggage. Anupama breaks down seeing this moment. 

Later, Kavya gets rejected from job and therefore, suggests to conduct a puja in the house to save it from evil eye and to spread some peace. 

Vanraj meets Kinjal and tries to comfort her. He is sure that Kinjal must have taken such a huge decision after measuring all the pros and cons. 

He says that it is usually presumed that a girl coming from a modern and upper class family will break the family she will marry into, but Kinjal is breaking all the stereotypes and is trying to glue the family together. He mentions that her tears aren’t worth the sacrifice but Kinjal interrupts and says that everyone does some kind of sacrifice like Anupama is adjusting with Kavya. 

Anupama thanks Vanraj for comforting Kinjal and both of them plan on bringing Kinjal and Paritosh together.

Anupama participates in a radio contest and wins a chance to do a video call with Ajay Devgn. This makes her very happy and she thinks that positive mindset attracts positive things.

Later, she gets a call from the bank that she applied for a loan day before. They agree to give her the loan but ask for the academy land as mortgage.  

Stay tuned to know what happens next. 

We have seen this episode on channel’s OTT platform.

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