Anupamaa, 23 December 2021, Written Update: Malvika leaves Anuj’s house

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Anupamaa, 23 December 2021, Written Update: Malvika leaves Anuj’s house
Anupamaa, 23 December 2021, Written Update: Malvika leaves Anuj’s house

In today’s episode Malvika and Anuj have good time together, whereas Anupama decides to excuse herself as they might feel uncomfortable to talk in front her. Malvika prepares food for everyone, while Anupama steps out of the kitchen and sits in the living room thinking about what would happen ahead in her life. Anuj gets a cup of tea for Anupama, later appreciates her for her good qualities and adds that it is only her who can manage everything at one point of time. Elsewhere, Leela asks Kavya to concentrate on her inner beauty as that is the one feature which can help her in being successful. Moving on, Vanraj informs the Shahs that Malvika has decided to work from Anuj’s office and hence he will be working in the same place.

Kavya feels jealous as Vanraj will be surrounded with Anupama and Malvika all throughout the day as they will share the same workplace. Vanraj asks Kavya to concentrate on her professional life rather than wasting her time on useless topics and suggests her to run the café in his absence. Kavya gets irked and informs Vanraj that she is highly qualified and cannot waste her talent by working in a ordinary café. Paritosh takes over the café and Kavya tries to instigate him saying that he has got the café in charity while nothing is earned by him. 

Paritosh gives Kavya a befitting reply and shuts her up and Samar and Kinjal are happy to work together in the café. On the flip side, Malvika gets furious when Anuj praises Anupama’s cooking skills in front of her. Anuj tries to calm down Malvika but nothing works for him as the latter confronts Anuj for talking good about Anupama while ignoring the pancakes made by her. Malvika leaves the house in anger and Anupama helps Anuj to find her.

We have seen this episode on channel’s OTT platform.

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Iam sick of seeing haggered and old face of Anupama trying to give pathetic expressions . Her lips are so thick . Puke puke