Anupamaa, 27 July 2021, Written Update: Rakhi's evil plan for Vanraj

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Anupamaa, 27 July 2021, Written Update (Image Credit: Anupamaa Promo)

Today, Vanraj looked very happy as he had many customers to serve. But his happiness was soon spoiled as Rakhi informs Vanraj that she had sent customers to his cafe or else, he wouldn't have had any customers. Shah's family is shocked to hear this. Rakhi tells Shahs to not be shocked as she tried to help Vanraj. 

Rakhi keeps the money on the table but Vanraj picks it and returns it. Kavya questions Vanraj about not taking the money. Vanraj says he cannot accept money from people with an evil mentality. Kavya tries to convince Vanraj to take the money. Further, Kavya takes the money from the table.

Later, Rakhi thinks of breaking the unity of the Shahs and makes sure that the cafe and the dance academy get shut soon. She also thinks it will help her to take out Kinjal from their house. Later, we see that Vanraj is upset and Kinjal tries to apologize to Vanraj for Rakhi’s behaviour. Kinjal gives a head massage to Vanraj. Anupama and Leela feel blessed to have daughter-in-laws like Kinjal and Nandini. 

Nandini informs the family about Mansi Jain who will review the cafe. She also adds that she has posted about the cafe on a site and being a food critic, Mansi Jain decided to visit their cafe. Shah's experience mixed feelings. Vanraj decides to taste the food at his cafe. Anupama tells Samar and Nandini to help Vanraj. Chef tells Vanraj to call Anupama as only she can serve the best. Vanraj denies the chef's request and then we see Kavya requesting Anupama to help Vanraj. Anupama ignores Kavya, she goes on to tell Vanraj that Anupama isn't helping him in the tough times. Vanraj asks Kavya to move on. Further, Leela tries to prepare food with the chef but fails drastically.

Anupama is busy teaching her students while Mansi arrives. Shah’s wish that Mansi should not order food that only can be prepared by Anupama. Soon, Mansi orders food and out of concern, we see Anupama visiting the cafe to help Vanraj.

Will the critic like the cafe and its food remains the question?

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