Anupamaa, 29 November 2021, Written Update: Kavya tries to brainwash Paritosh

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Anupamaa, 29 November 2021, Written Update: Kavya tries to brainwash Paritosh (Image: Star Plus Channel)

In today’s episode,0 we see that Pakhi and Samar ask Anupama to stay back in the Shah house as all of them spent a very good time together after a long time. Elsewhere, Vanraj ignores Kavya and later tells her to stay away from his professional life. Back in the Shah house, Paritosh gets convinced by Kinjal and requests Anupama to wait. Anupama gets emotional and decides to spend some more time with Leela and her children. Later, Vanraj gets back home while Anupama makes him remember about Leela and Hasmukh’s 50th marriage anniversary. 

Anupama tells Vanraj that they should plan a marriage ceremony for them so that they recall everything from the past. Everyone in the Shah family loves the idea and segregates their work to fulfill Anupama’s idea.

Leela and Hasmukh learn about Anupama’s plan and feel blessed to have such a good family along with them.

Moving on, Kinjal confronts Paritosh for leaving the house when all the family members were busy planning things for Leela and Hasmukh. 

Kavya gets there after Kinjal leaves and tries to instigate Paritosh against his wife saying that she has always criticized him. Kavya also adds that he should part ways with her as living together forcefully is harmful and gives him an example of Vanraj and Anupama. On the flip side, Anupama takes the responsibility of arranging the clothes for the marriage ceremony. Meanwhile, Kavya gets into an argument with Vanraj over not including her while planning the marriage ceremony. Vanraj tells Kavya to stop her cruel activities and warns her that if she continues to behave in the same manner then he might leave the house along with his family.

We have seen this episode on the channel’s OTT platform.

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