Anupamaa, July 21, 2021, Written Update: Pakhi's behaviour shocks Anupama

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Anupamaa, July 21, 2021, Written Update: Pakhi's behaviour shocks Anupama

Anupama along with Samar is very busy in her studio. She reminds Samar to inform his friends to visit the cafe. Vanraj is very tensed as there are no customers. Soon, the cafe sees a customer who orders a coffee. Looking at this, there was a positive wave amongst everyone, and Vanraj is pumped again.

Baa on the other hand is trying to make a fancy dish. At the same time, Pakhi's friends have reached their house. Soon Pakhi praises Kavya in front of them and tells them that she will teach them the dance and tells them that Anupama doesn't have time for her. Listening to this, Baa interrupts and tells the truth to her friends that Pakhi wanted to learn dance from Kavya. 

Baa tells Kavya to prepare food for Pakhi's friends as they might be hungry. Meanwhile, Mama gets a huge order and everyone is happy looking at that. Mama informs Vanraj that the customers' driver will come to pick the order. The driver comes in next 25 mins to pick the order and Vanraj informs everyone that it is an online payment so they don't need to worry. 

Everyone gets back home and sees that the order was placed by Pakhi for her friends. And a lot of food was wasted and the bill wasn't paid as it was ordered by Pakhi.

Anupama is shocked to see all this and is completely speechless.

It will be interesting to see what will Anupama do in the next episode.

We have seen this episode on the channel's OTT platform.

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