Anupamaa SPOILER: All is well between Anupama & Kinjal; Kavya asks Vanraj to start saving money for their kids

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Anupamaa SPOILER: All is well between Anupama & Kinjal; Kavya asks Vanraj to start saving money for their kids

For a week, viewers have been witnessing high voltage drama in the show Anupamaa. All is not well between Anupama and her daughter-in-law Kinjal. Both are avoiding talking due to the sudden differences between them. However, yesterday's episode starts with Anupama preparing breakfast early and when Kinjal comes to the kitchen, she gives her the coffee. She also apologizes to Kinjal for putting the pressure of the household chores on her and says that she is her daughter and she will never let her go through this again. 

Later, we saw Kinjal realizing her mistake and apologizing to Anupamaa and Baa. The family hugs it out and everything was back to normal. After some time, Kavya ordered some grocery items for the house which Baa did not like. She felt she should have ordered only those items which were not in the house, otherwise they might get rot. Kavya does not like it and she started arguing with her. This created an issue of monthly financial contribution and Babuji said that he will ask them to contribute depending on their income. 

Anupama requested Babuji for Vanraj to contribute from next month onwards because he will be getting his salary then. Kavya started to argue with her on this and said that she should stop demeaning her husband. This argument made Babuji upset, and he left. Vanraj was quick to tell Baa that he will do whatever they decide and soon he will take the responsibilities as he used to earlier because he doesn't want his kids, wife, or Anupama to go through the pain.

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Anupama tells Vanraj that she was not trying to insult him in any way, but Vanraj tells her that after their separation, he has started to understand her. Also, Kavya tells Vanraj that they should save money for their kids. How will this discussion end?

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Anonymous : Can the director ask the Main Actress to tone down her acting.She constantly overacts and it looks stupid.Please get rid of that stupid accent she has for Hindi .Give good scenes to other actors too.Anupama need not be present in every scene
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