Anupamaa SPOILERS: Kavya shocked as Baa, Babuji welcome Anupama into the Shah family

Anupama is super excited to start a new journey where she is free from all duties. But how will she manage now as she does not have income?
Anupamaa Anupamaa SPOILERS: Kavya shocked as Baa, Babuji welcome Anupama into the Shah family
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The show Anupamaa has been entertaining the audience a lot. The makers have been successfully managing to come up with new twists and turns. The viewers will soon be witnessing the new journey of Anupama, the lead character. She has already taken divorce from her husband Vanraj Shah and is now gearing up for a new life. But who would have thought that it will start from the Shah's house. Yes, you are reading right. Viewers have seen that Babuji has divided his home into three parts.

Once the family reached Ahmedabad, Babuji tells Vanraj that he has a wedding gift for him and Kavya. He hands over the house papers to both Kavya and Anupamaa. While Kavya gets super excited on seeing Vanraj's name, Anupamaa is shocked and questions Babuji on this. Kavya tries to take a dig at Anupamaa and tells her that they must accept whatever their elders have done for them. However, later when Babuji informs them that he has divided the house in three equal parts, Kavya is left stunned. 

He has named one part after Anupama. Now, she is legally one of the owners of the house, Baa and Babuji ensured that she continues to live with them. 

In the upcoming episode, we will see while Kavya is excited about her "grihpravesh", Baa and Babuji first welcome Anupamaa in the Shah house calling her their "Lakshmi and Annapurna". Will Vanraj take a stand for Kavya? Will Kavya try to create new problems for the Shahs after this? To know what happens next keep watching "Anupamaa".

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