Anupamaa Written Update, June 13: Anuj vents out his emotions; Dimpy gets entangled in theft case

In today's (June 13) episode, Anuj gets perplexed over his fate. On the other hand, Shahs get shocked when the police come to arrest Dimpy.

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Anupamaa, June 13, 2024 episode: The episode begins with Anuj pondering over the fact that he is going to marry Shruti but loves Anupama. He expresses his love for Anupama and reflects on how fate brought them together, symbolized by his name being written on her palm. Anuj finds himself torn between Anupama and Shruti, feeling remorseful for not being able to salvage his relationship with Anupama. He states that he will always love Anupama and leaves everything to God.

Anupama decides to focus on Dimpy’s wedding

Anupama shifts the conversation to Dimpy and Titu’s marriage. She mentions the need to investigate Titu’s past to prevent Vanraj from becoming an obstacle. Anupama apologizes to Devika for scolding her, and Devika reassures her that life is unpredictable and encourages her to stay hopeful. However, Anupama refuses to hold onto any hope, while Devika prays to God to guide Anupama and Anuj on the right path.

While searching for Mahi’s belongings, Kavya finds a wedding photo of her and Vanraj. She reminisces about their marriage anniversary and wonders how their love has faded. Emotional, Kavya is about to hug Vanraj, but he doesn’t notice her and leaves.

As Anupama and Devika step outside, they find Anuj waiting for them. He informs them that Hasmukh sent him to pick them up. Devika takes the backseat of the car, and Anuj opens the door for Anupama before taking his seat. He gestures for Anupama to wear her seatbelt. They all head to the Sangeet ceremony together.


During the function, Ishani, Mahi, Pari, and Ansh perform a well-choreographed dance. Kinjal and Toshu praise their performance. The kids reveal that Aadhya taught them the dance steps and credit her as their choreographer. They run to hug Aadhya, who responds with happiness. Anupama watches them with love and affection.

Dimpy accused of theft

Vanraj asks Dimpy about Titu. Dimpy tells him that Titu went to see a friend who met with an accident. Vanraj doubts Titu. Anupama talks about her worries with Devika.

Aadhya calls Shruti and shares how she trained the kids, and they ended up performing nicely. Shruti tries to convey her concerns to Aadhya, but the kids come and ask Aadhya to dance with them. Aadhya tells Shruti that she will connect with her later.

Dimpy gets worried as Titu doesn’t take her call. Kinjal and Kavya assure her that he will come.

Gulati arrives with Rahul and introduces the latter as his new manager. Toshu asks how Rahul is there. Rahul replies that Gulati gave him a better offer, and he took it. Rahul further says that he is not Anupama’s servant and can’t renounce work after the closure of Spice and Chutney. He goes to check the arrangements.


The neighbors question Leela about Anupama’s presence at the wedding. Hasmukh comes and asks Leela to have a couple dance with him. The neighbors then go and tell Anupama that Leela had told them she would not come. Anupama says once she proves herself innocent, Leela will be fine.

Kavya and Kinjal wait for Titu to begin the Sangeet ceremony. Dimpy asks them to go ahead without Titu. She dances with Kavya, Kinjal, Devika, and Pakhi. The kids bring Anuj and Anupama and make them dance. Aadhya gets upset.

The police arrive and ask for Dimpy. They claim to have an arrest warrant in her name. Anuj inquires about Dimpy’s crime. The constable informs them that Dimpy has been accused of theft. Anupama is stunned. The episode ends here.

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