Bade Acche Lagte Hain 2, 24 September 2021, Written Update: Akshay cancels sangeet

Updated on Sep 26, 2021 03:49 AM IST  |  97.4K
bade acche lagte hain 2
Bade Acche Lagte Hain 2, 24 September 2021, Written Update: Akshay cancels sangeet (Image Credits: Sony SET India YouTube)

In today's episode, Shashi asks Vedika to come with him to the party. But Vedika says no, suddenly, Nandini calls Vedika, she hands her phone to Shashi and asks him to answer it. Shashi picks up the call, Nandini questions him and asks where is Ram. Shashi replies that Ram has gone to Delhi for some work. Nandini gets worried and asks him why, he replies there was some work with Shubham and Sid. Nandini shouts at him that why he let Ram go there because today is Ram's sangeet function. Nandini cuts the call in anger, Shivi comes there and asks Nandini what happened and why she is looking so worried. Nandini replies that Ram went to Delhi today, despite his Sangeet function. 

Shivi tells her that Ram has told her and he will not attend any function because he is marrying Priya just for my marriage with Akshay. Then Nandini asks that who will tell Priya's family that Ram is not there. On the other hand, Shashi shouts at Vedika and says that he wants to break this marriage so that Shubham can marry Shivi. Vedika replies that Shivi loves Akshay not Shubham so he can not do this. Shashi says, "I dont care about anyone's love and Shivi will marry Shubham at any cost because I want to secure the future with Ram's money." Shashi asks Vedika to call Priya's home and tell them that Ram loves someone else. 

When Adi tells Brinda that now they have to do sangeet without Ram, Brinda gets angry and started shouting at everyone. Brinda tells Adi to inform Ram that they will not do anything without him and ask him to come home soon. Brinda sends Vikrant and Kunal to Priya's home to tell them that Ram is out of town due to office work. When Akshay finds this out he calls Shivi and tells her that they will cancel the sangeet function today because of Ram.

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