Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2, 18th November 2021, Written Update: Ram and Priya’s annulment papers get leaked

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2, 18th November 2021, Written Update: Ram and Priya’s annulment papers get leaked (Image: Sony Set YouTube)

In today’s episode, Priya asks Ram why he kept the fast. Ram says he believes the ritual should be equal for both. Priya tells Ram that if she knew Raj was behind his life, she wouldn’t have got Shivina and Akshay married. Ram also apologizes for yelling at her in the temple. Priya asks Ram for a gift after the Karwa Chauth celebration. Ram asks her if she wants a gift and Priya tells him that since their marriage isn’t a normal one, she will give a gift to him of protecting Shivina no matter what, so he doesn’t have to worry about her. 

Ram recalls what Vedika had told and thinks that Priya is innocent. He texts Adi regarding the papers. Adi shows the text to Brinda and tells her even Ram wants to end the marriage. Brinda tells them their marriage is a perfect one and tells Adi to trust her. Kunal and Vikrant tell even they want to save this marriage. Adi also agrees. Shivina and Akshay call Ram. Akshay apologises for marrying without Ram’s consent and Shivina tells it was Priya’s idea. Akshay tells Shivina that because she stood in the middle of the road and threatened Priya, she had to take that step. Ram scolds Shivina for almost risking her life. He thinks this is why Priya had to take the reaction. 

The next morning, Priya takes her bags to leave and Ram tells her the papers aren’t here yet. Meera prays for Priya’s relationship and Rakhi comes and curses Priya’s relationship and leaves. Nandini tells Priya that they all are there if she needs any help. Nandini exclaims someone leaked the annulment papers to the media. Kunal comes and tells everyone to stay at home as the media has crowded outside the door. Ram tells Priya to stay at home and Kunal smiles.

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