Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2, 6th October 2021, Written Update: Wedding cancelled?

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2, 6th October 2021, Written Update: Wedding cancelled? (Image: Sony Set YouTube)

In today’s episode, the police inform everyone that they need to arrest Shubham. Shubham lashes out and asks who registered the complaint. The police tell him that it’s Priya and Shubham accuses her of doing this as revenge taken against the contract. Nandini asks Priya if she did this on purpose to see Shubham going to jail. Meera starts panicking and tries to console Nandini. Sara tells that it wasn’t their intention to get Shubham arrested and they didn’t even know that the car was Shubham’s. Ram tells he wants 'no more drama' and takes his turban off and walks out of the hall. Ram tries calling the lawyer but due to his deteriorating condition, he fails to do so.  Adi comes out to help him but Nandini sends him in and tells Ram that he doesn’t have to marry Priya and she will handle the lawyer situation. 

Nandini goes back in and tells that Ram left. Meera tries to justify and tells them that it wasn’t their intention. Nandini throws the varmala down and Meera pleads to not cancel the wedding. Priya sarcastically tells that no one would’ve cared about Sandy if the car would’ve hit her and tells she will find Ram. Ram falls unconscious behind a car. Priya comes out but can’t find him and Nandini asks Priya if she really thought both these families were meant to be and sweetly brainwashes her. Mahendra comes out and calls Shashi to ask if he knew the person to whom the accident was staged for and Shashi doesn’t answer and instructs him to just do the work. 

Adi gets angry at Priya’s family but Brinda comes and tells that it might’ve been Shubham’s fault but Ram won’t believe that.

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