Balika Vadhu, 10 August 2021, Written Update: Hetal taunts Leela for being infertile

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Balika Vadhu, 10 August 2021, Written Update: Hetal taunts Leela for being infertile

The latest episode begins with a large party honouring Anandi's birth and bestowing blessings on her. Meanwhile, Leela calls her husband to inquire as to when he will arrive. He speaks to her in an impolite tone. Leela explains that they needed to complete the baby's naming ceremony on time, so they chose the name Anandi. 

Hetal tries to mock Leela for not having a kid after 3 years. Leela gets upset, but Kadvi Baa supports and sticks up for Leela. She advises Hetal to look at her own sister-in-law, who hasn't given up even after 7 years of being married. After this, Ratan's gynecologist who did her delivery arrives. Khimji and Premji tell her that the baby's name has been confirmed as Anandi.

The doctor urges them to do smaller celebrations because Ratan and Anandi are both fragile, and more people touching Anandi could lead to illness. Leela, on the other hand, asks her husband what he brought as a gift for Anandi because she has no idea what's inside. He questions why she wishes to know. They further have an argument and he blames her for not having given birth to a child yet.

Leela arrives to bless Anandi, but Hetal begins to insult her, claiming that it is unlucky for a childless lady to grant blessings. Hetal teases Kadvi Baa for enjoying herself despite being a widow when Kadvi Baa starts defending Leela. Baa becomes furious and says that since her husband died for the country and became eternal, she is not really a widow. After this, Leela herself makes Anandi wear the bangles that Leela's husband gave her as a present. While Hetal tells her husband at home what happened at Anandi's home, Nagji becomes furious and swears to take revenge.

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