Balika Vadhu 2, 25 November 2021, Written Update: Anand tells Kanku to run away from home

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Balika Vadhu 2, 25 November 2021, Written Update: Anand tells Kanku to run away from home (Image: Still from Balika Vadhu 2)

In today's episode, we saw Anand calm down Kanku and ask her to have a chocolate. Anand asks Kanku how she met Madhav. She tells about her first meeting with Madhav. Anand tells Kanku that he thinks and understands, marriage can’t be forced. She says family will never agree to this marriage, I'm worried if anything wrong happens with Madhav. Anand says I won’t let anything wrong happen, go to Madhav and continue your study. She says yes, Madhav and I want to stay together. Kanku tells Anand that Maadi Baa told her that a guy's family is coming to see me tomorrow. He says don’t worry, I will help you go out. She says". Anandi comes there and looks at Kanku. She replies, "No and she can't let Kanku leave the house." 

Anand questions her why she is saying no to help Kanku. Anandi says it's wrong, and that her dad taught her that she has to face problems, and can't run away from them. Anand says if she stays here, then the family will get her married to anyone, Madhav is there with her to take care of her. Anandi says, "Enough, running away is wrong, you don’t teach anything to Kanku, if she doesn’t want to marry, then she can have any other way, she can hide, I will help her, they will not see Kanku but she won’t run away." 

Jigar plans to make Anand's image bad in Anandi's mind. Anandi goes into her room and starts playing with dolls. Dewadi comes there and questions her why she is sad. Anandi replies that her doll is crying. Mehul asks her why, she then replies that her doll wants to study but her family is making her get married. Dewadi ignores her and tells her to stop being a kid. 

Anandi goes to Kanku and tells her that she tried her best. Kanku gets upset and starts crying, Anandi consoles her and tells her that she will find another way. Anandi asks Kanku to call Madhav here to see you and he will tell everyone that he will marry you in the future. Kanku starts crying and says no Madhav is not here and his phone is broken.

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