Balika Vadhu 2, October 18, 2021, Written Update: Ratan learns about Anandi’s hardships

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Balika Vadhu 2, October 18, 2021, Written Update: Ratan learns about Anandi’s hardships (Image: Still from Balika Vadhu 2)

As the episode starts, Anandi is upset about Bhanu’s demise and Ratan assures Anandi that Bhanu is in a better place now. Anandi agrees to go to Raigarh with her parents if they promise her to take her back with them when they return and they assure her the same. Anandi decides she won’t take extra clothes with her so that they won’t ask her to stay there.

Premji regrets letting Anandi go as he believes it led to Bhanu’s demise. Anandi arrives at her sasural and Premji gets emotional at their arrival. Devraj asks Anandi if she sees what happened at her departure. Sejal takes Anandi to her room and dresses her up in a white saree. She informs her of the significance of wearing a white saree as she is part of the family now. Sejal then puts Anandi’s Mangalsutra back on.

Premji thanks Khimji for coming and Khimji promises to help him with whatever he can. Premji recalls how Anandi and Bhanu got along so much as they both are soft-hearted. Anandi helps Ratan to get tea and Ratan wonders how she knows where it was kept. Diwali asks her why she wouldn’t know as she is used to cooking while she was here.

Ratan is shocked to learn how Anandi was treated and Diwali asks Anandi to get the big vessel from the storeroom and it scares Anandi. Ratan asks Anandi why she is scared and Diwali informs her how Anandi was locked up in the storeroom. As Anandi leaves, Diwali informs Ratan that Anandi was punished as she sold her Mangalsutra. As the episode ends, Anandi is about to open the door and someone snatches the keys from her hands.

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