Beyhadh 2 Written Update, March 31, 2020: Maya joins hands with Vikram

Beyhadh 2 Written Update: MJ decides to save Rudra from Maya. Later on, Vikram supports Maya in her game but she has some other plans for him.
Beyhadh 2 Written Update, March 31, 2020: Maya joins hands with Vikram
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Beyhadh 2's latest episode starts with Maya telling Vikram the reason behind her revenge. She informs him how MJ ruined her life by killing their only child. Maya talks to him about his entry into her life again at that particular period. She tells him that she will not give birth to a child before completing her revenge. Rudra asks MJ the reason behind visiting Maya’s place after which the latter tries to convey everything in front of him. 

However, Rudra makes him recall the past. MJ tells Amir that he wants to save Rudra from Maya. Meanwhile, Maya tells Vikram how helpless she feels when she gets to see MJ after which he supports her in taking revenge from the latter. He assures her about his promise but also asks Maya to stay inside the house. Vikram gets happy thinking about the new beginning of his life with Maya after she completes her revenge. He insists that Maya should involve him in her revenge game.

Maya tells him that she wants to spend her life with a person who will support her revenge. One by one, she introduces him to the culprits. Vikram asks Maya whether he should kill Rudra after she takes her revenge but she asks him not to do so. She tells him that she’ll kill Rudra on her own. Later on, Maya decides to kill Vikram after using him and thinks of saving Rudra from every problem.

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