Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai, 11 August 2021, Written Update: Weather troubles Modern Colony

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Bhabhiji ghar par hai
Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai, 11 August 2021, Written Update: Weather troubles Modern Colony (Pic Credits: &Tv Youtube Channel)

Today we see Anita coming to the balcony when she spots Angoori and greets her. Both of them seem to be surprised looking at the sudden climate change. Later, Anita informs her about Vibhuti leaving the house and gets to know about Tiwari doing the same. After a while, Angoori and Anita find Tiwari and Vibhuti sleeping in their personal courtyards and are shivering.

Vibhuti wakes up to see that the climate has changed drastically. Later, Anita offers coffee to Vibhuti but he refuses to have it. On the flip side, Angoori offers tea to Tiwari but he refuses too to have it saying that he is on a mission. Vibhuti and Tiwari continue their hard work to achieve their lost love.

Further, Vibhuti tells Tiwari about the temperature which has now fallen to a minus degree. Soon we see the Godman in Modern Colony with his devotees, Tiwari and Vibhuti greet him. The Godman tells them about more problems coming their way before they achieve their love. Vibhuti tells later that they both are ready to cross all the limits. Tiwari pleads the Godman to increase the temperature as it's freezing cold in their area.

The next morning, everyone faces climate change where now it is extremely hot which troubles everyone.

Vibhuti blames Tiwari for the heat as he had requested the godman to take away the cold weather, later both of them share their pain and mock each other as they are irritated. 

Everyone in the Modern colony is tired as the heat is unbearable. Later, Prem spots Vibhuti and Tiwari outside his house and calls them mad to listen to the fraud Godman. Vibhuti gets angry at Prem for calling the Godman a fraud. Prem tells them that he is making them a fool and it is better if they stay away from him.

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