Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai, 2 August 2021, Written Update: Vibhuti and his uncontrollable hands

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 Vibhuti and his uncontrollable hands
Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai, 2 August 2021, Written Update: Vibhuti and his uncontrollable hands (Pic Credits: And TV YouTube Channel )

At the start of today’s episode, Vibhuti is seen searching for Angoori as he could not spot her watering the plants as every day. Soon, Vibhuti reaches Tiwari’s house and calls out for Angoori, and starts talking to her. Tiwari, after a while, comes out and starts yelling at Vibhuti for wasting everyone’s time and humiliates him for being a ‘nobody’. Once again, Vibhuti is insulted by Tiwari for being unemployed. 

Later that day, Vibhuti is seen enjoying a few drinks with his friend in his house where he blames Anita for all the humiliation he is going through. Anita overhears him and confronts Vibhuti for his words. Vibhuti, looking at Anita’s behavior, acts as if he has fainted.

On the other hand, Tiwari tells Angoori about his fake shop license which can get him into trouble. Angoori advises him to talk to his commissioner friend who can help and save him. Further, Anita rushes towards Tiwari and tells him about Vibhuti’s condition. Soon, a doctor arrives who examines Vibhuti and tells him that he is completely fine. 

Further, Vibhuti suddenly slaps the doctor and then does the same with Tiwari, and then he tells Anita that his hands are out of his control. Later, Vibhuti is also seen giving a flying kiss to Angoori which leaves her in shock. Vibhuti runs away as he had no explanation for his action. The next day, someone calls up Commissioner Reshampal and gives him a life threat. Reshampal is completely shocked after the call.

What more chaos will Vibhuti create and will Commissioner Reshampal find out the person behind the blank call? Stay tuned to find it out.


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