Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai, 2 November 2021, Written Update: Vibhuti starts his cleaning agency

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Vibhuti starts his cleaning agency
Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai, 2 November 2021, Written Update: Vibhuti starts his cleaning agency (Pic Credits: YouTube)
In today’s episode, Angoori informs Ammaji that Vibhuti is helping her to clean the house before Diwali. Later, Angoori helps Vibhuti when she finds that the latter is facing difficulties in cleaning the spider webs. Vibhuti flirts with Angoori and criticizes Tiwari saying that he is a very careless husband who always thinks about his shop and money. On the other hand, Tiwari works hard in Anita’s kitchen and scrubs all the dirt, and removes the spider webs from the ceiling.
Anita enters the house and finds the kitchen very clean and praises Tiwari for his speed. Moving on, Anita tells Tiwari to come every day and clean their house until she is satisfied. Tiwari gets shocked after listening to Anita but controls his emotions as he cannot give away any chance of impressing Anita. Elsewhere, Vibhuti goes to Tilu and his friends and tells them to work for him in his cleaning agency till the festival of Diwali comes to an end. Vibhuti adds that they will disguise themselves so that no one from the colony will recognize them.
Tillu and his friends get convinced and decide to work for Vibhuti in order to collect money for Rusha’s Diwali gift. Furthermore, Vibhuti introduces himself as Aashiq Gaddar and takes Tilu and his friends along with him, and tells Tiwari that they are from a cleaning agency. Angoori convinces Tiwari and hires Vibhuti and his team for cleaning the whole house. Ahead, Tiwari informs Anita about the ABCD cleaning agency wherein the latter wastes no time and books them for cleaning their house. Vibhuti sees Anita and gets tensed as he feels that his cunning wife will spoil his plan.

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