Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai, 22nd October 2021, Written Update: Saxena reveals the truth

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Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai, 22nd October 2021, Written Update: Saxena reveals the truth (Image: &TV YouTube)

In today's episode, Ammaji thrashes Tiwari for his weird behaviour while Angoori waits outside the room. On the other hand, Vibhuti and Anita fight over the volume of the radio. Masterji spots Gupta and asks him about his pain, meanwhile, Anita throws the radio out of the window which falls on Gupta’s head. Vibhuti gets furious and throws Anita’s light lamp which again hurts Gupta. Masterji takes Gupta to the doctor as the latter shouts in pain.

Teeka and Malkan meet Tilu near a tea stall and try to convince the latter for marrying Saxena. Ahead, Saxena comes there and tells Tilu, Malkan and Teeka he is trying to find a lady and her 2 associates as he was thinking of giving 60 lakhs to all the three people. Tilu and his friends start dancing as the feel that their plan is working. 

Later that day, Saxena meets Tiwari and Vibhuti and informs them that his 10 year plan was for the people of Bangladesh and due to a mistake it was circulated in India. Tiwari and Vibhuti slaps Saxena while Angoori and Anita say I love you to their husbands. Furthermore Tilu, Malkan and Teeka reach Saxena’s house and try to trick him. 

Saxena spoils their plan and tells them that it is very difficult to fool a smart person like him. Tilu gets tensed and starts requesting Saxena for forgiving them. Saxena tells them that they have two options by which they can get out from this matter. Saxena tells them about the first option in which he will send them to the police and the second option is that they have to thrash Saxena all night with a leather belt. Tilu accepts the second option and closes the door and starts hitting Saxena.

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