Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai, 26 November 2021, Written Update: Tiwari and Angoori patch up

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Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai, 26 November 2021, Written Update: Tiwari and Angoori patch up (Image:

Today, we see that Tiwari informs David that Vibhuti is causing problems for him to get back Angoori in his house. David suggests Tiwari to hire some goons who can threaten Vibhuti. Tiwari likes the idea and decides to teach a lesson to Vibhuti so that he will never try to interfere in their matter. Elsewhere, Angoori gets upset and calls Tiwari cold-hearted after she overheard his wish. After a while, Tiwari visits Tilu's house and informs them that he will gift them a bottle of their favourite alcohol and will also give rupees 5000 to each one of them for completing his task.

Tilu and his friends get excited after listening to the offer and asks Tiwari about the task. Tiwari tells them that they have to thrash a person from their colony to win the bottle and 5000 rupees. Tilu demands 5 lakh rupees from Tiwari to complete the task or else tells him to leave their house. Tiwari refuses to pay 5 lakh rupees and tells Tilu that he will suffer later when some other person gets the money. Furthermore, Prem dresses up as a goon and starts thrashing Vibhuti to fulfill Tiwari's challenge. Anita gets there in time and saves Vibhuti while both get shocked when they get to know that the goon is none other than Prem.

Anita forces Prem to reveal the truth and learns that Tiwari had assured to pay 25000 once the former completes his work. Anita and Vibhuti visit Tiwari's house and start confronting him for using Prem as his weapon. Tiwari accepts his fault and informs everyone that he had to take this step as Vibhuti was constantly provoking Angoori against him. 

Anita decides to reunite Tiwari and Angoori as she understands that both of them truly love each other. Later, Tiwari meets Angoori and expresses his true feelings, and asks for forgiveness. Angoori forgives Tiwari and gets ready to leave Vibhuti's house.

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