Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai, 6 September 2021, Written Update: Tiwari survives a heart attack

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bhabhiji ghar par hai
Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai, 6 September 2021, Written Update: Tiwari survives a heart attack (Pic Credits: And TV Youtube Channel)

Today, Vibhuti enjoys his time as he is alone in the house. Later, Prem tells Vibhuti to dress up as his girlfriend for free entry in a gambling club. Vibhuti denies at first but later agrees when Prem decides to give him fifty percent off the winning amount.

Meanwhile, Tiwari sits back and reads the newspaper in his house. Further, Angoori talks to Tiwari about Gupta’s pending payment of rupees fifty lakhs. Tiwari says that he had completed his order but the payment was still not completed. As the conversation is going on, Gupta goes to Tiwari and tells him about his client being a fraud and also tells him that he has been cheated for fifty lakhs. Tiwari gets angry and starts shouting at Gupta and tells him to pay his money. Gupta tells Tiwari that his wife caught him getting romantic with his secretary and seized all his bank accounts.

After a while, Tiwari gets a heart attack due to a loss of fifty lakh in his business. Angoori rushes to call Vibhuti and Anita where she meets Vibhuti who is disguised as ‘Angelina’ and seeks her help. Later, Prem and Angelina (Vibhuti) get along with Dr. Gupta to examine Tiwari. Ahead, Angoori gets happy as her husband gains consciousness and thanks Angelina for helping her in tough times. Further, Prem and Angelina visit the gambling club while all the gamblers were blown away by Angelina’s beauty. Soon, Commissioner Reshampal raids the gambling club and orders Angelina to wait, and tells everyone else to leave.

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