Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai, 8 September 2021, Written Update: Vibhuti tries to distract Tiwari

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 Vibhuti tries to distract Tiwari
Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai, 8 September 2021, Written Update: Vibhuti tries to distract Tiwari (Pic Credits: YouTube)

In today’s episode, we saw that Vibhuti meets the insurance agent at Tiwari’s house. Vibhuti tells Vinod to complete the procedure quickly and asks Angoori to be calm. Vinod tells Vibhuti that the procedure is big and will take time. Angoori excuses herself and goes into the kitchen. Vinod informs Vibhuti that he will claim the money after one week if he spots no change in Tiwari’s condition.

Later, Vibhuti and Anita sit in their bedroom and he tells her about his plan which will cure Tiwari in seconds. Vibhuti further explains that he will dress up as a goon and will tease Anita in front of Tiwari. He further adds that he will execute his plan in the market and asks Anita to get Tiwari along with her on the wheelchair.

The next morning, Anita and Tiwari reach the market. After a while, Vibhuti reaches the market disguised as 'Radhakrishnan Anna’ and starts molesting Anita. Tiwari gets angry but feels helpless as he has to continue his act till he gets the money. All other gents from the modern colony gather to beat up the molester, but soon Vibhuti reveals that it was him and escapes from there. 

Further, Angoori feels bad for Tiwari’s condition and gets upset. Vibhuti enters Tiwari’s house and starts crying and later tells Angoori that Ammaji is dead. Angoori gets shocked to hear this news and starts crying loudly. After a while, Ammaji enters the house and Angoori gets happy to see her. Ammaji learns that Vibhuti is spreading false news about her and beats him up and throws him out of the house.

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