Bigg Boss 15, 11 October 2021, Written Update: Romantic moments between Ishaan & Miesha

Updated on Oct 12, 2021 02:18 PM IST  |  32.4K
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Bigg Boss 15, 11 October 2021, Written Update: Romantic moments between Ishaan & Miesha (Image: Colors Channel)

In today's episode, Salman Khan eliminates Sahil Shroff from Bigg Boss, this was the first elimination but also in the first week of the show. His elimination was based on the least count of votes because a few days back, he destroyed property in the house with Pratik. After all the elimination and nomination thing, Ishaan and Miesha were spotted with each other. Ishaan was seen kissing Miesha, this was a romantic moment for both of them. They were teasing each other and hugs each other. After a while, both of them were lying on the same bed cuddling. All the contestants start teasing them and called them a couple. Shamita commented on them that they finally have a new couple in the house.

Jay Bhanushali teases them and says 'Thank God' that the show is not for 9 months or else Ishaan and Miesha would have become a family with kids. Then Miesha and Ishaan come out of the bed but they were still holding their hands. Ishaan tells everyone that he feels a connection with Miesha in just 8 days of the show. Ishaan tells Miesha in front of everyone that in just 8 days he realized that he cannot live without her and want to spend all his time with her and likes her. Previously, all the contestants get to see their spark when Salman Khan himself teased Ishaan and Miesha. 

After all the spark and romance, Shamita Shetty and Afsana Khan start fighting with each other during the task which includes Nishant, Akasa, and Umar. In that game, they have to select the name of the person who is weak. And when Salman asked Shamita, she takes Afsana's name. Afsana gets angry at Shamita and shouts at her.

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