Bigg Boss 15, 14 October 2021, Written Update: Shamita and Karan fight

Updated on Oct 15, 2021 04:08 PM IST  |  49.7K
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Bigg Boss 15, 14 October 2021, Written Update: Shamita and Karan fight (Image: Colors TV)

In today's episode, after waking up, everyone started dancing to the playing song. Pratik was seen dancing with Miesha and Shamita. Meanwhile, Junglevasis got in a huge fight with the people who were already in Bigg Boss. Then, Karan and Vishal got into an argument and push each other, they were shouting and Karan tells Vishal that he always knew that how double-faced he is. Karan then shouts at Vishal and says he should have at least talked to him because he thought that he is his friend. Everyone was silent seeing both of them fighting like this. Karan points at Tej and says he should at least have told Tej about his plans. Then Vishal replies he already has plans with Shamita so he cannot do anything.

Then Shamita comes between them and tells Karan that it's her style of playing the game. After this ugly fight, Shamita and Pratik go to Miesha and say sorry to her for breaking her sandals yesterday. Miesha tells her not to worry about it but Shamita hugs her and says that she has brought sandals from her stylists for her. Miesha gets emotional and hugs Shamita, Pratik was watching from behind. Then, Bigg Boss announces a task in which junglewasis have to find map pieces to complete the task. While Junglewasis were busy finding all the maps and were hiding them in girls' clothes so that gharwasis cannot find them.

Meanwhile, Pratik was busy hiding some maps from Junglewasis. They were hiding them under the sofas and beds. But then, when Karan was searching for maps in the house, he touches something by mistake. Shamita gets angry at her and started shouting at him. Then Bigg Boss announces that the winner of this task is Junglewasis. After this, Shamita and Pratik get into a fight.

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