Bigg Boss 15, 17 November 2021, Written Update: Nishant Bhatt taunts Tejasswi Prakash for not doing any work

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Bigg Boss 15, 17 November 2021, Written Update: Nishant Bhatt taunts Tejasswi Prakash for not doing any work (Image: Still from Bigg Boss 15)

In today's episode, everyone wakes up and reaches the kitchen to have breakfast. But Bigg Boss announces that now the non VIP contestants also have a chance to steal the seat of a VIP contestant. After listening to this, Neha Bhasin, Pratik Sehajpal, Rajiv Adatia, Simba Nagpal, and Jay Bhanushali get happy. They start teasing the VIP contestants. Rajiv recalls the taunts of Tejasswi that she gave him yesterday. Saying that "he doesn't deserve to be in this house". Rajiv tells the VIP contestants that they don't even deserve this place. Rajiv's comments give the hint that a huge fight is going to take place in the Bigg Boss house. Everyone was tense and waiting for the upcoming task. Neha comes there and says that she totally agrees with Rajiv's comment. Neha further said that she doesn't even know why she came into this house after the fight. Karan takes Rajiv in the corner and tells him that if he wins this VIP seat, it will be beneficial for him. 

Rajiv asks Karan how it will be beneficial for him. Karan replies and tells him that he will tell him after some time. After this VIP fight, Tejaswi was seen crying in the house when everyone asked her what the reason was. Tejasswi replies that Nishant Bhatt is teasing and scolding her for not doing household work. She starts crying and says that Nishant also told her that she is lazy and all she does is romance with Karan. Tejasswi got very emotional and called herself useless. 

Tejasswi then tells Nishant that she has been working since she entered the house. And Nishant has no right to tell her to do anything. She is not his servant and will work only if she wants. Nishant tells her that he is getting irritated after seeing this attitude. 

After this fight, Pratik comes there and starts fighting with Tejasswi. Karan comes to rescue her but Pratik pulls him also into this fight. Pratik tells Tejasswi to shut her mouth and not talk rubbish about him. Karan gets angry at Pratik and tells him to say sorry to Tejasswi. Pratik tells Karan that first, he should learn some manners.

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