Bigg Boss 15, 4 October 2021, Written Update: Akasa has a soft corner for Pratik

Updated on Oct 05, 2021 02:18 PM IST  |  74.3K
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Bigg Boss 15, 4 October 2021, Written Update: Akasa has a soft corner for Pratik (Image: Akasa Singh Instagram)

In today’s episode, Bigg Boss sends a scroll in the house, seeing that scroll, all the contestants get worried. Vidhi even said that she has started feeling low. Later, Miesha and Pratik got into a fight, Miesha started crying and shouts at Pratik. Miesha goes to Vidhi and tells her that Pratik is poking her about some past issues. Akasa was listening to all the conversations of Miesha and Vidhi and he tells her to have a talk with Pratik about what is making him worry. Miesha calls Pratik toxic, Miesha then shouts at Pratik because he entered the room while, she was changing her clothes. Pratik tells everyone that it was not intentional.

On the other hand, Donal questions Akasa if she likes Pratik. Akasa refuses and says he is not her type. After this, Donal tells Miesha that Akasa maybe feels something for Pratik. Akasa asks him to stop, while Miesha gets shocked. After a while, Pratik and Miesha again start fighting due to the responsibility issues. When everyone was having lunch, Pratik starts acting like he does not like anyone because of their hygiene issues. Jay gets irritated and asks Pratik to behave like a man. They have a heated-up argument.

After all the fight, Bigg Boss ask Shamita and Pratik to tell all the contestants the things that they can keep in the house. Pratik begins acting like a boss and asked Umar to remove his headband. Shamita was on the next level, she asked every boy to give back their trimmers to the Bigg Boss.

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