Choti Sardarni November 11, 2019 Written Update: Sarabjit plans to take Param to Serbia

In the latest episode of Choti Sardarni we see how a game ensues between Adi's family and Param's parents.
Choti Sardarni November 11, 2019 Written Update: Sarabjit plans to take Param to SerbiaChoti Sardarni November 11, 2019 Written Update: Sarabjit plans to take Param to Serbia
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The episode starts with the host saying that Adi and Param's parents will play the test too. A game of Tug of war starts between Adi's family and Param's parents. Adi's family has a lot of healthy People. Kulwant joins Sarabjit. Nirja looks at them and recalls her moments spent with Param. She also joins them in the game. Sarabjit is surprised. Nirja tells them a trick through which Param's family wins. Param hugs Meher and Sarabjit. The host declare them as the winner. Meher calls Nirja and Kernal on the stage. Meher exclaims that no one can separate Param and Sarabjit. Yuvi does tug of war with Rana for a long time. Nirja and Kernal are leaving. Param gives them gifts. Nirja gives Param his London ticket. She also says that when his parents annoy them and if she you can come there. They leave.

Sarabjit says to Harleen they him and Y are going to Serbia. You have to take care of Param. Harleen says honeymoon? Meher recalls Sarabjit said to her that he would settle her in Serbia. Sarabjit says that they are leaving the next morning. He askseher to pack her bags. Harleen asks them to enjoy and not worry about Param. Jitto calls Bitu and says their marriage date isn’t decided. Bittu asks her not to worry and that he will talk to mother.  Kulwant says that he can call Meher too. Kulwant says she would come for Bittu. They are on talking terms now. Meher forgave him. Meher recalls her moments with Param. She is in tears. Param tells Meher that will tell everyone in the school that he won the challenge.

Meher says that they will spend the whole day together. Param won’t go to school. Param says that God gave him thinks. . Meher hugs him. Sarabjit asks Param to her ready for school. Yuvi is crying. He says Meher is going abroad. Amrita says she will come back. Kulwant says she was so young and now she is going to Serbia. Yuvi asks if she  was she like him. Kulwant says she was very naughty. Amrita says that she is scared of planes. Param says I won’t go to school. Sarabjit says that Meher will be mad at him. Param says Meher asked him not to go. Sarabji asks Meher what is she talking about. She says why did he made a sudden plan and that he should have told her. Sarabjit says I had to make a sudden plan. He says couldn’t let him be attached to you. Meher asks if they can take Param too. He would spend a good time too. Sarabjit says we aren’t going for a picnic.

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