Choti Sardarni November 5, 2019 Written Update: Kulwant gets blackmailed

In the latest episode of Choti Sardarni we see how Kernal suggests Param take a test to prove his upbringing.
Choti Sardarni November 5, 2019 Written Update: Kulwant gets blackmailedChoti Sardarni November 5, 2019 Written Update: Kulwant gets blackmailed
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The episode starts with Kernal telling Meher that he has a way of stopping what is happening. Kernal says that Nirja has two concerns. First is that Param isn't brought up right here and second is that Simran has been forgotten. Kernal says that there is a test which Param needs to pass. Meher and Kernal explain the test to Sarabjit. Meher exclaims that Param will clear the test and prove that he has been brought up right here. Sarabjit says that Param will not take any tests and leaves from there. Meher tells Sarabjit that it is just a test however Sarabjit says that they don't need to prove anything. Meher tells him that it is their test too. If Nirja thinks that Param has not been brought up right then they need to prove her wrong. Kernal tells Nirja that relationships are built on love and trust on each other. He asks her to trust the tests. She disagrees and says that Param is the only sign of Simran and she doesn't want to lose him.

Meher tells Sarabjit that it is a challenge they need to step up to. Kernal asks Nirja is they have asked Param's thought. Will he be fine living without his parents. Kernal says that Meher is like her father, brave and strong and Param will pass the test. Meher calls Kulwant in a man's voice and tells him that there is a letter kept for him at the door. Kulwant goes to collect it and is shocked. Meher tells her that if she doesn't give them the demanded money, she will circulate the photos to Sarabjit. He will divorce Meher and she won't be able to participate in the elections. Kulwant tells Jagga to arrange for the money. He tells her that it will be done. She asks him if he wants to know the reason. He tells her that her demand is like a god's command. Kernal says that after 2 days Param will take the test. If he passes, he will stay with Sarabjit and if he fails he will go with Nirja.

Sarabjit and Nirja sign the papers. Param wants to play Carrom however Meher tells them to paint. Sarabjit helps Param with the painting. Kulwant says that she will kill the one who blackmailed her. Kulwant reads the letter which has the instructions on where to leave the money. Param says that he wants to play. Sarabjit asks him to focus on the painting. Param insists that he wants to play. Nirja arrives there and tells him that she will play with him. Nirja shows him the pictures of London and asks him if he would like to stay there. Sarabjit calls out to Param however he ignores and Sarabjit leaves. Sarabjit bumps into Meher who is dressed up as a man. She is carrying colours. Sarabjit tells her that those colours are for Param.

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