Choti Sardarni November 6, 2019 Written Update: Meher and Sarabjit train Param to Paint

In the latest episode of Choti Sardarni we see how Kulwant gives the money to Happy and he gives the money to Bittu
Choti Sardarni November 6, 2019 Written Update: Meher and Sarabjit train Param to PaintChoti Sardarni November 6, 2019 Written Update: Meher and Sarabjit train Param to Paint
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The episode starts with Sarabjit saying that some people are trying to take his son away. His son needs to take a test. Meher tells him that she knows kids very well. Meher asks him to paint. Rana exclaims looking at all the money. He asks if Jitto's family sent it. Kulwant tells him that they can never have that kind of money. Sarabjit tells Param that he will paint. Param says that even he will paint and starts to paint. Sarabjit gives him colours and canvas. Kulwant comes to the place to give the money. Meher reaches there as Happy. Kulwant asks what is the guarantee that they won't blackmail her again. Happy says that they are not like her. Kulwant asks for the negatives of the photos. Meher comes to Bittu in Happy's get up. Bittu asks her who she is. Meher takes off the moustache and gives the money to Bittu. He is happy and says that he can give his life for Meher. He says that Sarabjit is lucky to have her. Meher comes home to see Param and Sarabjit painting. Meher appreciates his painting. Sarabjit tells her that he met a person by the name happy who gave him a tip. Param asks them both to see his painting. Sarabjit dislikes his painting and is vocal about it. He asks Param to sit with him and paint. Param declines stating that he is tired. Meher tells Sarabjit not to talk to Param like that and asks Param to sit with him and draw fruits. Kernal asks Nirja what she is doing. Nirja tells him that she is filing an application in a school in London. Kernal says that she has not even won yet. She tells him that they have wasted an entire day. They have almost won the case. Yuvi dances and is making Kulwant’s painting. Kulwant asks where she is in it. She says Amrita to get lunch ready as Jitto’s family is arriving. I think they have arranged money. Param asks Nirjaa to see his painting. Nijra says that they aren’t in it. Param says they are in the areoplane going back to London. Nirja asks him whether he will also come with them. Param says he will be where his parents are. Kernal says this sounds like a surgical strike. Jitto's parents come to Kulwant.  Yuvi asks Dadi to count and to slap him if it isn't the full money. Kulwant says that they will get them married on the 15th. She wonders how they got the money. Param is playing a physical game. He tells Sarabjit and Meher he is not getting what has to be done. Meher and Sarabjit train Param. He skips a rope and falls. Meher tells him not to cry.

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