Choti Sardarni November 7, 2019 Written Update: Kulwant fixes Param's leg sprain

In the latest episode of Choti Sardarni we see how Kulwant cures Param's leg sprain and he starts to run again
Choti Sardarni November 7, 2019 Written Update: Kulwant fixes Param's leg sprainChoti Sardarni November 7, 2019 Written Update: Kulwant fixes Param's leg sprain
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The episode starts with Param crying. Meher picks her up. Nirja says it is Meher's mistake while Harleen defends Meher. Kulwant mentions that these are the same notes  that she had given to the blackmailers. She had noted the serial numbers and she recalls everything. She exclaims that she is not a fool. The doctor checks Param and confirms that it's a leg sprain. He tells them that Param needs two days rest. Nirja says that Param cannot take the test. She says that they will take Param's custody and that they will go to their lawyer. Kernal says that they have till until tomorrow. Meher and Sarabjit are worried. Sarabjit recalls his memories with Param. Meher asks Sarabjit to calm down and offers him water. Yuvi asks his Dadi when will he have moustache. He says that he will handle his father's business. Amrita asks him to go and study. Kulwant tells her he has to do business anyway so why is she forcing him to study. Kulwant tells Bitu that her in-laws have come. He is surprised. Kulwant says as he  didn’t know. Kulwant says that they have fixed the wedding date. Meher massages Param’s foot.  Meher asks Param if it is hurting. Param is concerned that he won't take part in the contest and his team will lose. He says that he has his super parents so doesn't need any trophy. Meher goes to pray for Param.
Sarabjit is worried and tells Simran that she left him and not he cannot afford to lose Param. Meher exclaims that no one can love Param as much as Sarabjit. She prays to Simran and tells her that Sarabjit will die without Param. Nirja shows their London tickets. Meher pleads her not to take Param with them. She tells them that Sarabjit will die without Param. Niraj tells her that he will forget Param just as he forgot Simran. Kulwant comes to meet Meher. She tells her that Bittu's marriage is fixed. She also tells her that she saw a sardar today who looked like her. Kulwant gives Nirja sweets. Kernal comes there. Kulwant says that she will fix Param's sprain in a moment. She  presses Param’s foot. Param screams and he runs. He says that he is  fine now. He says that his grandmother is the best. Sarabjit hugs Param

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